10 Best Indoor Plants for your Apartment

If you like gardening, but don’t have a garden, don’t worry – you still can have some beautiful plants in your apartment. We have wrote the ultimate list of best indoor plants for your apartment. They all need low to moderate levels of light and water, so you don’t have to worry will they survive. Don’t think twice about getting some nice plant for your apartment – indoor plants can make your space look nicer, they will clean the air and make you feel better. Here is the list of ten indoor house plants that anyone can keep alive. Yes – even you!

1. Jade plant or Money Tree.
If you always forget to water your plants, this might be the perfect plant for you. It only requires small amount of water and it can even live up to a month without being watered. Put it somewhere near the window and enjoy in thick leaves and interesting branches. And guess what – this plant will live long enough to see your kids get married!

peace lily2. Peace lily. (picture on the left)
Beautiful and elegant plant with white flowers and long dark green leaves. It is good for all those people who don’t have much light in their apartment because peace lily does not require too much sun.

3. African violet.
If you want to add a little color in your apartment, then pick African violet. It is really popular because it’s one of the easiest flowering plants to maintain. It is continually flowering, so you will always be able to enjoy in wonderful flowers! It needs sun, so keep it near the window.

4. Lucky Bamboo.
This is the perfect plant for those of you who don’t really have a green thumb. It’s really easy to maintain. You just have to water it once every two weeks and place it somewhere with medium exposure to indirect sunlight. And the best thing is – this awesome plant will bring luck to your home. Well, at least according to Feng Shui!

5. Bromeliads.
These plants are perfect for your apartment because they love artificial light. They usually bloom once a year, so you will be able to enjoy in some flowers, too.

6. Cyclamen.
It’s one of the most beautiful plants for your apartment. It will add some joy to your apartment! Keep it in the room with cooler temperature and you will be able to enjoy in her bright flowers all year long!

Spider-Plant7. Spider plant. (picture on the right)
It will add a modern look to your home because of its unusual look, even though this plant has been popular for years in many homes. They are mostly popular because they don’t really need much water or light, and they are good and natural air freshener!

8. English ivy.
It is really nice and elegant, what more do you need? You don’t even have to buy it. If you ever see English ivy at your friend’s house, just ask him to cut a section of the stem. And in about two weeks you will have your own English ivy!

Snake-Plant9. Snake plant or Mother-in-law’s tongue. (picture on the left)
Well, mothers in law are not really easy to maintain, but this plant is, so you don’t have to worry about it. It blooms really rare, but then it gets pretty little white flowers. Any kind of light suits her, and it will grow just fine with normal room temperature.

10. Ficus.
Last, but not the least. It has beautiful and shiny leaves that you just have to adore! Ficus likes lots of sun, so just put it somewhere near the window! Perfect for any apartment!

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