10 Home Hooks Made From Weird Objects

Everyone loves to have something special and unique in their apartment. Something that your guests will notice and talk about it to their friends! But what can that special thing be? Well, maybe these ten home hooks made from weird object will inspire you!

1. Vintage silverware key holders

Vintage silverware key holders mod

Don’t throw away your old silverware! Turn it into something that will be very useful – a simple and cool hanger for your keys! You will never lose them again. It’s an easy home project and everyone can do it!


2. Bottles Coat Hook

Bottles Coat Hook mod

Re-purposing used things is always cool and fun. Just look at these old bottles. They were melted down and turned into cooks! How great is that? Very good use of an old beer bottles!


3. Sculpey Finger Hook and Photo Holder

Sculpey-Finger-Hook-And-Photo-Holder mod

This is the hook that looks like a finger! It maybe isn’t your cup of tea, but you have to admit that it looks unique and interesting! Is this a middle finger? I hope not!


4. Cutlery Kitchen Hooks

Curtlery Hooks mod

Here is something perfect for your kitchen! These utensil-shaped hooks (saucepan, knife and a rolling pin) look really attractive, interesting and modern! If you like to stand out, then this is a great idea for you!


5. Reclaimed Pallet Coat Hanger

Reclaimed Pallet Coat Hanger

Lately we can see bunch of furniture made from a pallet and we have to admit – it looks damn good! This hanger also looks really interesting and it’s easy to made!


6. Dart Coat Hooks

Dart Coat Hooks mod

If you want to put your coat on something cool, then why don’t you use some darts? Don’t they look great? These dart hooks are sturdy stainless steel darts tipped with screws for mounting on your wall.


7. Knife Coat Hooks

Knife Coat Hooks mod

These hooks look little bit like something serial psycho killer would use! If you found yourself in this description – go for it! Put some knives into your wall and hang anything you want on them!


8. Vintage Headphone Cups Make For Wonderful Coat Hooks

Vintage Headphone Cups Make For Wonderful Coat Hooks mod

This is one of the best ideas for a hook! So, find those old used headphones you are keeping in some box under your bed! Use them good! They deserved it!


9. Cassette Tape Coat Hooks

Cassette Tape Coat Hooks mod

You can use old cassettes in so many ways, and coat hanger is just one of them! Keep your old melodies in your life, give your cassettes a new life!


10. DIY Industrial Pipe Coat Hook

DIY Industrial Pipe Coat Hook mod

You can even use an industrial pipe as a hook and it will look great! It’s interesting and unique. Everyone will ask you how did you come up with this idea!


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