10 Simple and cheap tips to change a room

Are you tired of your current living room or bedroom? How about some simple changes you can make for little money and almost no effort? Check our tips.


Paint one wall of your bedroom with a sophisticated color and get some contemporary frames and mirror to decorate the wall. This decor will make your bedroom seem super romantic.


Simple materials and two lamps will create a beautiful effect and make your bedroom unique. All you need is a little talent and time for DIY projects.


Use a framed musical sheet to decorate your living room. The effect is pretty nice and you can even choose one with your favorite song.


Could it be simpler to transform your bedroom? Gather your favorite pictures and created a heart-shaped “frame”.


Some decorative details like a furry blanket, fresh flowers and lots of neutral pillows will transform your living room into a more inviting place.


“Write” beautiful and inspiring messages on your walls and make your bedroom an unique place.


Color your bedroom with some beautiful paper butterflies.


Your kitchen doesn’t need to be boring. Make it a happier place with lots of color everywhere. It’s super easy: you just need to paint some of your old chairs, find a fun rug and curtains and that’s it.


Put three or more Chinese lanterns together (depending on their size) and create an original “chandelier”.


Mix patterns and colors to create an exotic environment in your living room.


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