10 Strange Looking yet Awesome Home Flooring

Most floors are pretty unimaginative, plain and boring. They are similar in most apartments and houses. But, some home owners just have to be different. And that’s good, or we wouldn’t have pictures like these! Here is a selection of cool floors which will amaze you!

1. Rubic’s Toilet Flooring

Rubic's toilet flooring

Colorful and creative! This cool flooring will make everyone jealous and all your friends will want a bathroom like this one!


2. Pennies Flooring

Pennies Flooring

Do you collect pennies? Here is a great way to use them creatively and show them to everyone! Looks awesome, right?

Diy Kitchen Floor - Pennies

If you don’t feel so adventurous, you can create a beautiful design using small size or mosaic tile. It looks especially great on the floors of small bathroom spaces or walk-in shower stalls.