11 Amazing ways to display Succulents

Succulents have been really popular lately. There is nothing weird about that. They are just so beautiful and the best thing about them is that they are almost indestructible. There are so many interesting leaf forms and plants shapes you can choose from. They will look awesome wherever you put them, but here’s a little help. We came up with eleven amazing ways to display succulents! Hope you like it.

1. Vertical Wall Planter

Vertical Wall Planter mod

This wonderful wall planter will look good in any home. It’s simple to make and it’s just a perfect way to display your succulents so everyone can see their beauty! Green and simple!


2. Terrarium Glass Hanging Double Hook

Terrarium Glass Hanging Double Hook mod

This glass hanging terrarium just looks amazingly awesome! It’s an easy way to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your house and the best thing about succulents – they are really easy to take care of! You can hang these globes anywhere you want. Wherever you decide to display them, they will look fantastic!


3. Cactus Succulent Half Moon Glass

Cactus Succulent Half Moon Glass mod

Even a brown thumb can take care of these beautiful succulents. This terrarium will be a fun addition of color for your home or office and you can even make something like this by yourself. Choose your favorite succulents, put them in a big bowl with some rocks, and it will look amazing!


4. Gold Foil Lettering on succulents pots

Gold Foil Lettering on succulents pots mod

For this you just need some regular flower pots and some glitter and glue. You can choose any color you like and it will still look great. Think about this if you want to add little bit of a whimsy style to your home!


5. Wine Bottle Garden Kit

Wine Bottle Garden Kit mod

So, that wine was so amazingly good that it’s even hard to throw the bottle away. Well, you don’t have to! Use it as a great way to display your beautiful succulents! It seems really simple to make and looks wonderful!


6. Bright Quirky Containers for Indoor Display

Bright Quirky Containers for Indoor Display mod

Why don’t you use your favorite food in a can to display your succulents? Such a great and fun idea! You can use any can you want, it will look quirky and different! Great way to show your creative side!


7. Tiered succulent display

Tiered succulent display mod

You can use succulents in so many different ways and they will always look awesome. Just look at them here – this simple terrarium seems elegant and minimalistic. It will fit in any room of your home. Who wouldn’t love this??


8. Galvanized & Tiered Vent caps

Galvanized & Tiered Vent caps mod

We definitely showed you that succulents look terrific in all kinds of containers. This cool industrial tiered succulent centerpiece is easy to make and it looks so interesting! Greenery paired with the industrial metal tubes and end caps – it just fit so good together.


9. Monogram Mugs

Monogram Mugs mod

You can put succulents in any container you want – tea cups, bowls, glasses, mugs… These monogram mugs are awesome idea for a gift! There is no way that someone wouldn’t like this!


10. Succulents in a white ceramic pitcher

Succulents in a white ceramic pitcher mod

Pretty succulents in a white ceramic pitcher and gravy boat – isn’t that an amazing idea? You can also be this creative because this is so easy to do by yourself!


11. Succulent cupcake stand display

Succulent cupcake stand display mod

Is this a cake or a plant? Both! This is a succulent cupcake stand display and it looks terrific! This will be great for any kind of party, even for a special occasion like a wedding!


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