11 Awesome Carpets That Make You Want to Walk Barefoot

4. Black and White Flower

Black and White Flower

This is the proof how important is to choose the right details for your apartment. This sunflower design changed the look of entire room! It took the beautiful room to another dimension!

5. Matisse Rug

Matisse Rug

If you like to stand out, then this is the perfect rug for you! It was inspired by Matisse’s paper cutouts and it contains 26 different colors in wool. The design is created from a playful collage of overlaying colours. Awesome, right? It looks like modern art.

6. Island Song Carpet

Island Song Carpet

This amazing rug was designed by Camilla Franks. It’s so colorful and full of life. This rug will definitely add some life to any apartment.

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