11 Kitchen Sinks that are far from Normal

So many different kitchen sinks are available today. You can choose from bunch of different styles so it’s sometimes hard to choose the perfect one! If you want something different, then these sinks are made for you!

1. The Transformers of Sinks
The Transformer of Sinks

This awesome modern sink has optional strainers, colanders, cutting boards, and drain racks… You can transform this sink in a minute, so it can help you with whatever kitchen task you need to do.


2. The KWC Waterstation
Kitchen Wizard Sink

This kitchen wizard is definitely the dream sink of any amateur chef. Just look at it, it has apsulutely everything you need from a sink! And much more!


3. Double Well Farmhouse Copper Sink
Double Well Farmhouse Copper Sink

Do you want to know how much this amazing sink costs? Just a little bit more than 1600 US dollars. If you can afford it, then what are you waiting for? This charming sunflower design gives it a warm look.


4. Stone vessel sink
Stone vessel sink

There is something very inspiring in old and rustic kitchen sink, right? Can you imagine your grandma washing dishes here after preparing that famous apple pie!


5. Modern Sink
Modern Sink

Modern kitchen sinks just have that minimalistic vibe and you can immediately tell that they will fit perfectly in any modern kitchen! If you wish that your kitchen sink looks unique, this is the right one for you!


6. Cooper Bowl Sink
cooper bowl sink

This interesting and unique kitchen sink is made from an antique copper with wrought iron handles. It’s definitely something you won’t see every day!


7. Prep Sink & Faucet
Stone Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the busiest spots in the kitchen, so choosing a sink that fits your needs should be of high priority. This one maybe isn’t the best choice for someone who cooks every day and has tons of dishes, but you have to admit that it looks powerful!


8. River Sink
River Sink

This four-foot-long sink was inspired by the river flow and designed to be the center of any kitchen. You can even fill it with ice when you’re having a party and put bottles of wine inside!


9. The Luna Sink
The Luna Sink

Would you like to have kitchen sink in different shape than everyone else? Look at this one! This unique sink is called the Luna sink because of it’s moon-like look. It will give your kitchen character and style.


10. Vintage Marble Sink
Vintage Marble Sink

If your kitchen has that vintage vibe, then we found a perfect kitchen sink for you. It’s unique and completely gorgeous!


11. Granite Kitchen Sink

granite kitchen sink

This gorgeous and unique sink was custom made to match the countertops. Sink is probably he most important part of the whole kitchen, so it’s important that it fits perfectly with rest of the kitchen!


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