11 Modern Bunk Bed Designs

Don’t think that bunk beds are only made for kids’ rooms – even adult bedrooms or guest rooms can look amazing with modern bunk beds designs! Bunk beds are perfect space-saving solution for anyone who needs to maximize their space, so feel free to find inspiration in these pictures.

1. Marc Newson’s Bunky Bed For Magis
Marc Newson's Bunky Bed For Magis

With just four pieces you will get an amazingly cool bunk bed! It looks like Lego pieces, right? Tri-color finish is just making it even more cool. If that is even possible.


2. Modern Curves
Modern Curves

This is definitely one of a kind bunk bed. So playful and imaginative! Arched center makes the bed really opened and it gives it an airy vibe.


3. Wooden Installation by H2O Architects
Wooden Installation by H2O Architects

Bunk beds are not reserved only for kids room. Even some luxury retreats offer bunk beds to sleep. These one is located in French Alpes and it looks amazing!


4. Callum Bunk Bedroom
Callum Bunk Bedroom

This beautiful platform-style bed is available in twin or full size, whatever you prefer more. It is handcrafted, so each item is completely unique. The designers wanted to achieve the authentic texture of time with gently worn edges. And they succeeded!


5. DearKids Bedroom
DearKids Bedroom

These cute dinosaurs decorations are perfect for a kids bedroom. This design is so simple, but looks awesome, and this color combination fits perfectly.


6. Built-in Bunk Bed
Built-in Bunk Bed

Is this a plywood paradise or what? These amazing bunk beds seem perfect for some hostel. Wouldn’t this be a great place to sleep? Lights above a pillow are a great addition!


7. Sophisticated Bunk Bed
Sophisticated Bunk Bed

Beautiful bunk bed with sophisticated look. Ladders can be moved around so you can put them wherever you want, so that they are not in your way.


8. Black&White

Get a modern look with black-white color scheme. Black and white evoke a more grown-up feeling, so this bunk bed is perfect for adults room.


9. Modern Bunk Bed with Metal Ladders
Modern Bunk Bed with Metal Ladders

A bunk room is a trend that is quickly gaining popularity! That is not weird at all, just look at amazing room like this one! Looks beautiful! Very simple yet elegant!


10. Modern Bunk Beds with Storage
Modern Bunk Beds with Storage

Let one wall do all the work with a bunk bed unit that incorporates a big closet and bookshelf too. Perfect for small apartments where you have to do your best to fit everything in.


11. Central Park home by Shawn Henderson
Central Park home by Shawn Henderson

No space has gone to waste here, because of the shelves under the bed and small cabinet on one side of the bed. Bright colors and beautiful wood are giving this bedroom modern, contemporary look.


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