11 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools You Have Ever Seen

When the heat gets too unbearable, a private swimming pool would be an awesome thing to have. Don’t you agree? You can continue to dream about that with these pictures of the most beautiful swimming pools you have ever seen. Here are some awesome pools we’d like to jump into right now!

1. Swimming Pool in Santorini

Swimming Pool in Santorini

It doesn’t seem entirely fair that you have a gorgeous pool just overlooking Mediterranean coast, but here it is. This magnificent pool is part of one of world most luxurious and expensive hotel in Santorini, Greece.


2. Shark Tank Surrounded by a Swimming Pool

Shark Tank surrounded by a swimming pool

In this awesome swimming pool you can swim side by side with sharks! Oh yes! Shark tank and a swimming pool, all in one! How cool is that? It even has a water slide that goes through a shark tank!


3.Piece of Paradise

Piece of Paradise

This amazing piece of paradise is situated in the huge lagoon of Biscayne Bay in Florida. Imagine having cool pool parties here! Wow, just wow. Words can’t describe this beauty!


4.Aquaria Grande Residential Tower

Aquaria Grande Residential Tower

This building in Mumbai would be a great place to live! Each apartment has its own swimming pool on the balcony! This is definitely one of the most unusual pools you have ever seen!


5. Expensive eclectic pool

Barbarine eclectic pool

Ok, this amazing pool would knock your, and your neighbour’s, socks off. If you ever win the lottery, this is the first thing you have to build in your dream house, definitely! Money doesn’t necessarily buy taste, but if you do have an unlimited budget this is the perfect swimming pool for you!


6. Beautiful Luxurious Pool

Beautiful Luxurious Pool

This is one beautiful luxurious pool! It looks gorgeous! Landscape around it is also beautiful and the swimming pool just highlights it even more! This is the perfect swimming pool for a cool relief in hot summers.


7. Ultimate Swimming Pool

Ultimate Swimming Pool

Goodbye, ocean! We don’t need you anymore! We have an ultimate swimming pool. It’s so simple and yet so beautiful. It gives very romantic vibe with this wonderful waterfall and cute bridge!


8. Violin Shaped Pool

Violin Shaped Pool

Designed in the shape of a Stradivarius Violin, this violin swimming pool is made of steel and stone and even has an underwater audio system. It was designed for an amateur violin player and collector. So cool!


9. Largest Swimming Pool in the World

Largest Swimming Pool in the World

According to Guinness World Records, this swimming pool is the largest and deepest pool in the world. Without any doubt it can also compete for the most beautiful swimming pool on Earth!


10.Grand Canyon Luxury Resort

Grand Canyon luxury resort

Wilderness around this swimming pool just makes it more beautiful! This is one pool you have to jump in before you die! What are you waiting for, start saving your money!


11. Pool with a Slide Waterfall

pool with slide waterfall

This beautiful swimming pool has its own natural rock waterfall that gives it a special and rustic charm! Landscape around it is really beautiful. Can you imagine yourself enjoying here, away from all the city noise? Perfect! Don’t forget your sunscreen!



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