12 Awesome Home Organization Ideas

People usually say that “there’s no place like home”. Well, we’d rather say that there’s no better place to live than a clean and organized house. Yeah, we know: it seems like we’re making chit chat and talking about something that everyone already knows.

The thing is that we know great home organization secrets and applying them to your house can spare you a lot of time, time you can spend relaxing. Ah, now we got your attention! Check our organization ideas and change your home environment!

1. Awesome Under the Stairs Storage

Awesome Under the Stairs Storage

Have you ever thought about this option? Okay, it may not be easy to get one of these storage units, but if you’re thinking about remodeling at some point, consider including one of these under the stairs storage.

2. Using Cardboard to Organize Drawers and Shelves

Using Cardboard to Organize Drawers and Shelves

This one is a ‘do it yourself’ kind of tip. Get some cardboard tubes or boxes and use them to organize your belongings, the same ones that are usually scattered around in drawers and shelves. This way, the next time you want to wear a scarf, for instance, you won’t loose 15 minutes looking for it.

3. Using Wine Racks to Hold Towels

Using Wine Racks to Hold Towels

Another tip that’s so easy to do and apply to any home. Do you have a beautiful wine rack that is lost in your garage and you don’t know what to do with it? Just hang it in your bathroom and store the towels in the racks. Besides being a great organization tip, it’s also a beautiful decorative detail.

4. Shoe Organizer for Cleaning Supplies Storage

Shoe Organizer for Cleaning Supplies Storage

Another great idea! Using a shoe organizer, the kind that you can get at any store, to keep your cleaning products always in the same position and separated from each other. And this is just one of the many things that shoe organizers can do.

5. Junk Drawer Storage

Junk Drawer Storage

Do you hate to see your office supplies and generic “junk” lying around? Then, reserve a drawer just for these items – you can even call it the junk drawer – and organize its interior. This way, you stop clutter and small items from spreading around the house and, eventually, disappear.

6. Garage Ceiling Storage

Garage Ceiling Storage

Usually, garages are filled with clutter and things we don’t use, so every little inch of the floor is occupied. Then, if you need to storage more things (new clutter in the house?), what’s the solution? Well, look up! Use your ceiling to attach plastic storage units and “hide” the things you only use from time to time.

7. Use Shower Curtain Rings for Belt or Scarves Organizing

Use Shower Curtain Rings for Belt or Scarves Organizing

Cool idea… Imagine that, for some reason, you have extra shower curtain rings lying around. We bet you didn’t even think how they can be super useful. Place them on a coat hanger and use this new organizing object to keep your scarves or your belts, for instance. It’s great to hang necklaces too.

8. Pegboard Organization

Pegboard Organization

The pegboard is a classic. We all know how great it is to organize and how many opportunities these amazing boards can offer. This is just one of them: again, it’s an organization device to keep all the little office supplies and useful clutter in the same place.

9. Clever Storage Idea for Pens

Clever Storage Idea for Pens

Every single parent goes through that daily moment that consists in gathering all their children pens, markers and crayons. But, if you create one of these systems – again, using a pegboard -, you can encourage the little ones to organize their own coloring supplies, saving you a lot of time and a possible slip in a lost crayon. It’s not as bad as stepping on a Lego, but it must hurt anyway.

10.  Paint Cans to Organize Small Items

Paint Cans to Organize Small Items

Empty paint cans are great for organizing purposes. Just think: they have a good format, can be closed and have a handle to hang them wherever you want. Use them to keep your small clutter properly storaged.

11. Wooden Crates as Shoe Boxes

Wooden Crates as Shoe Boxes

Have you ever thought that wooden crates could be transformed into cute shoe organizers? Neither did we. If you have a special talent for DIY, you can get some of these crates, paint them and hang them on the wall to organize your shoes. It’s also a great idea for a shoe shop.

12. Organizing Clothes

Organizing Clothes

Underwear is, usually, one of the most difficult types of clothing to keep organized. The panties unfold every time we open the drawer and let’s not even talk about the sock drama. That’s why this piece of furniture, or other similar model, can be great to help you keep your underwear organized always in the same drawer.


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