12 Clever Storage Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life

There are so many clever and creative ways to store things! For most of them, you won’t even need to spend any money. Just try some of these great ideas that will help you organize your home and add some extra storage space!

1. Hooks Inside of a Cabinet Door

hooks inside of a cabinet door

You can use hooks inside of a cabinet door for lots of things! Putting your hair tools there is just one of the many ideas.  When you put them inside a drawer, they always get too messy, and this way everything looks neat!


2. Wine Rack
Wine Rack

Here is a great way to store all your beauty products – just use the wine rack! This way you will have much more free space in your bathroom!


3. Magnetic Strip
Magnetic Strip

With this awesome hack, you will never again have problem with finding clippers, tweezers or bobby pins. You just have to attach a magnetic strip to inside of your medicine cabinet door and put them there.


4. Ladder

For a great amount of vertical storage that takes very little floor space, you just need to use a ladder! This is such a simple idea, and yet so awesome!


5. Shelf Above The Door
Shelf Above The Door

If you want to get some additional bathroom storage, just hang a shelf above the door. You can put things there that you don’t use on daily basis and still need them from time to time.


6. Store Sheets Inside of Pillowcases
Store Sheets Inside of Pillowcases

This is a great way to store sheets. Put matching sheets inside of their pillowcases and your drawer with sheets will always look tidy.


7. Sliding Storage System in a Garage
sliding storage system in garage

If you have a garage or a basement, this diy project would be perfect for you. It’s not complicated at all and all you need to create a sliding storage system are just some standard materials. Awesome, right?


8. Folder Clips For Electrical Cords
Folder Clips For Electrical Cords

This is a great way to keep all your electrical cords organized. Just use simple folder clips! Isn’t this a really cool idea?


9. Cereal Box Drawer Dividers
Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Simple diy project that will take the mess out of all your drawers. You just need to collect few cereal boxes, decorate them with paper and put them inside the drawer. Simple as that! Bye, bye mess!


10. Towel Rack For Storing Lids
Towel Rack For Storing Lids

Congratulations to the person who first thought of this amazing hack! You can buy towel racks anywhere, install them on you cupboard door and you will get a perfect place to keep your pot lids!


11. Drawers Instead of Baseboards
Drawers Instead of Baseboards

When you live in an apartment, you always need some extra space. And with this awesome idea, you will get it! You just need to create storage space where your baseboards used to be and voila – you will get all those extra drawers for you stuff!


12. Hide Your Tooth Brushes
Hide Your Tooth Brushes

Keeping your tooth brushes in your medicine cabinet is definitely more hygienic than keeping them outside. You just need to carve a few nooks into your medicine cabinet shelf and you will have a great hidden storage!


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