12 Clever ways to make use of corners

Corners are always and undeniably tricky, whatever the room we are talking about. They are hard to fill and decorate and making them useful is a nightmare. However, there’s always hope, so maybe these 12 tricks can help.

1. Sleek kitchen corner cabinets

Sleek Kitchen Corner Cabinets mod

Isn’t it awful when you want to make the most of your kitchen’s storage, but those corners are always there occupying so much unnecessary space? Here’s the perfect solution.

2. Living room corner furniture

Living Room Corner Furniture mod

Here’s an elegant solution for your living room corners. And we still throw in a free tip: if your living and dining rooms are connected, use this smart cabinet to organize your dishes.

3. Corner wall shelves

Corner Wall Shelves mod

If you have been banging your head trying to find a way to decorate the corners in your house, how about some proper shelves? They can be a nice solution for your decorative headache.

4. Small corner office

Small Compact Corner Mini Office mod

A corner can be the perfect place to organize a small office with everything you need and, if you’re lucky, a lot of light.

5. Hanging shelf for your book collection

Hanging Wooden Shelf for your Reading Collection mod

This creative shelf, perfect for the corner of your bedroom or living room, might be the dream of every book collector out there.

6. Corner table

Widescreen Computer for the Tech Family

If there’s a corner in your living room that you can’t stand to see empty, maybe a corner table is the answer. You can use it to place a computer, your letters or even a nice plant.

7. Bag and hat storage area

Bag and Hat Storage Area mod

Use one of the corners in the hall to place a few hangers. This way you will allow the family members to hang their coats, hats and bags once they come into the house.

8. Corner fireplace and TV stand

Corner Fireplace and TV Stand mod

Using vertical space is a really smart idea, especially in a corner.

9. Tree branches into a bookshelf


Get creative: paint a tree in the corner of the kids’ bedroom and then apply shelves over the branches.

10. Modern corner shelf

Sleek Apartment Mordern Corner Shelf mod

A corner shelf with sleek lines like this one will look great in a modern home.

11. Ladder-themed multipurpose corner shelf

Ladder themed multipurpose corner shelf mod

A ladder can be a great inspiration for your decor. Don’t believe it? Take a look at this amazing corner shelf.

12. Cozy reading corner

Cozy Reading Corner mod

To transform a corner you don’t even need to fill it: just decorate the space around it in a smart way and you’ll create a comfy spot like this one.

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