12 Strangest Objects You Can Turn into Apartment Furniture

Some DIY projects are “obvious”. You can obviously change the colour of that table you like so much, for instance. However, there are other DIY projects that are a bit more original and unexpected. Here are 12 examples.

1. Wine bottles

Wine Bottle Chandelier mod

Your used wine bottles can have a second life as part of an original chandelier.

2. British telephone box

British Telephone Box Couch modBritish Telephone Box Couch mod

This one – turning a traditional British telephone box into a sofa – is not exactly easy to do by yourself, but it is a great idea anyway.

3. Unicycle

unicycle stools mod

Stabilizing them is obviously mandatory, but once you do that you can have safe and original bar stools made from unicycles.

4. Trash bin

Trash Bin Stools mod

Who would have thought that trash bins could be transformed into amazing chairs?

5. Wheeled pallet

Wheeled Pellet Coffe Table mod

It is not impossible to turn a basic wood pallet into an amazing piece of furniture like this coffee table.

6. Pool table

Pool Table into a Dinner Table mod

Your pool table can easily play the role of a dinner table when necessary.

7. Vintage clock

Vintage Clock Coffee Table mod

Analog vintage clocks are not a thing of the past: they can not only be used to embellish your walls, but also be transformed into an amazing coffee table with a romantic side.

8. Tires

Trendy Tyre Table mod

Who knew old used tires could be turned into a trendy table like this one? It is not only stylish, but also good for the environment.

9. Pickup tailgate

Pickup tailgate into a Balcony Bench mod

Your porch or balcony could surely use a trendy bench like this one, made of and old pickup tailgate.

10. Old CDs

Make a chair off old CDs mod

Old CDs can be used to much more than just wall decoration, they can actually be turned into modern chairs like this one.

11. Old drum barrel

Old Drum Barrel Sofa mod

Turn an old drum barrel into a couch, according to your personal style and taste.

12. Old piano

Old Piano Bookshelf mod

You too can have an amazing bookshelf like this one, but you will need an old piano.

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