12 Ways to Upcycle Every Day Stuff into Amazing Storage Solutions

People buy furniture and other household items to fulfil a function. But what if we told you it is possible to convert those items into something else when their first life is over? And sometimes you can even create a solution with more than just one purpose. Here are 13 great examples.

1. Cable spool

Cable Spool into a coffee table and book rack mod

It is really easy to turn and old cable spool into a coffee table and table rack.

2. Vintage suitcase

vintage Suitcase into a liquor cabinet mod

Your vintage suitcase can turn into an amazing decorative piece with a useful purpose: shielding your bottles after becoming a stylish liquor cabinet.

3. Vintage door

Vintage Door Front Turned into a Cabinet mod

It is possible to integrate a vintage door into a cabinet and create a closed storage solution for fragile items.

4. Folding chairs

Convert Folding Chairs into a mini closet mod

Use a couple of folding chairs to create an amazing closet in a heartbeat. All you need to do is hang them on the wall.

5. Washing machine washtub

Convert Folding Chairs into a mini closet mod

Use an old part of your washing machine as a storage solution for your garden hose.

6. Old ladder

Convert and Old Ladder into a vintage towel storage mod

Anyone can convert an old ladder into a vintage towel shelf for the bathroom.

7. Old rake

Hang Wine Glasses on an Old Rake mod

If your wine glasses keep breaking because you don’t have a safe place to store them, how about using an old rake?

8. Old farm gate

Old Farm Gate into a Coat Rack mod

An old farm gate can be the exact piece you are looking for to create a new coat hanger for your hall.

9. Rusty ladder

How about turning ladder into a book shelf mod

Who would imagine that an old rusty ladder could be such a stylish and modern-looking book shelf?

10. Old piano

Old Piano as a Bookshelf mod

Mix your two favourite forms of art with this bookshelf made from a piano.

11. Old TV

Old TV turned into a swanky retro bar mod

Create a sleek retro liquor cabinet from an old television. It will look amazing!

12. Soda crates

Use Old Soda Crates for Toy Storage mod

Old soda crates can be so stylish with their old school logos and colors. Take the inspiration and transform some crate into toy storage solutions for the children’s bedroom.


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