13 Amazing Beds fit for A King/Queen

Bed is definitely everyone’s favorite place in the apartment. It’s the place where we rest, sleep, dream… It has to be comfortable and cozy, and everything else is just a bonus. Here comes 13 amazing beds that are definitely made for a king!

1. The Bird’s Nest Bed

The Bird's Nest Bed

Listen to this! The Bird’s Nest Bed can accommodate up to 16 people at once! Can you believe that? Perfect bed for a pajama party! The bed is fashioned in three different sizes, all currently available by request.


2. Amazing Dream Bed

Amazing Dream Bed

I bet a lot of people would trade anything for just a night in this bed! Isn’t it amazing? It’s so big and it looks really comfortable!


3. Charming Round Bed

Charming Round Bed

Circular beds are becoming more and more popular. It’s a new trend! Because of its shape, this modern bed is applicable in the minimalist or contemporary bedroom design. It looks comfy and awesome!


4. The Curvy Canopy Bed

The Curvy Canopy Bed

This bed is just flawless! It looks little bit futuristic with its interesting shape. It’s perfect for all of you who wants to feel special even in your sleep! The silk canopy creates a sense of enclosure and it gives you cocooned feeling of protection.


5. The Barrel Bed

Barrel Bed

The biggest barrel you have ever seen has been turned into a bed! Awesome, right? It maybe isn’t so pretty but you have to admit that it’s quite interesting! And it has plenty of place!


6. Roof Bed


Wow, just wow. Can you imagine yourself here? Of course! On the cold winter night you can watch the storm outside, or maybe wonderful white snow. And on warm summer nights you can enjoy beautiful stars before going to the dreamland!


7. Bed on the Beach

Bed on the Beach

This amazingly beautiful bed on the beach is located in Indonesia. It’s the part of the romantic hotel that sits by the peaceful fisherman’s village of Canggu in southwest Bali. Who wouldn’t like to spend their vacation here?


7. The Underwater Bedroom

The Underwater Bedroom

This luxurious bedroom for two is located on island of Maldivi. It’s amazingly beautiful, isn’t it? Sleeping here would be just like in a dream! It’s like you’ve spent a night in a big aquarium called Indian Ocean!


8. Swing Bed

Swing Bed

Beds on the beach are not really practical, but they look absolutely amazing! Just imagine waking up here – it would be amazing. If you feel adventurous and you have your private beach, then luxury beachfront beds are perfect for you!


9. Beautiful Circular Bed

Beautiful Circular Bed

A circle bed seems like an exciting and interesting way to freshen up the look of your bedroom. It looks interesting and unique. This one is really stunning, it would fit perfectly in any apartment!


10. Anthropologie Bed

anthropologie bed

There is just something special about this bed… It looks so simple yet powerful! It’s made from an iron which looks so neat and awesome. The bedding also gives the special touch!


11. Bed Nook

Bed Nook

This closet is used as a bed nook and it looks amazing. It looks cozy and that is something everyone wants their bed to be! It even has a little window inside!


12. Hanging Boat Bed

Hanging Boat Bed

It’s a perfect bed to sail into your dreams! It’s unique and interesting and if you are into hanging beds, then this one is definitely perfect for you! Great way to re-purpose an old boat!


13. Aquarium Bed

Aquarium Bed

This bed is just gorgeous! It even has lamps that would normally sit on the night stands, in the same position, but inside the aquarium. Cool, right?


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