13 Clever Hacks for Things You Thought Were Trash

Wait, don’t bin that without giving it a second look. That thing you consider trash can actually be the base you need to perform a clever and useful hack.

Don’t believe in this possibility? Check these 13 tips.

1. Turn bread tags into cord labels

Turn Bread Tags Into Cord Labels mod

Use the tags from your used bread bags to create useful cord labels. It will make your life so much easier…

2. Soap container for a guy’s bathroom

Ideal Soap Container for a guy's Bathroom mod

All you need is an empty bottle of whisky with a nice design and the top accessory, which you can take from an old bottle of shower gel, and you get the perfect soap dispenser for a guy’s bathroom.

3. Cheap dust pan or scoop

A Cheap and Almost Free Dust Pan mod

The possibilities that an empty bottle of milk can offer are almost infinite. Okay, we know only two, but they are quite useful. Use one of these bottles to create a dust pan or a scoop.

4. Convert a lotion bottle into a safe container

Convert an Old Lotion Bottle into an Outdoor Storage Container mod

Protecting your belongings at the beach, where valuable stuff is more likely to be stolen, can be super easy and cheap. Clean a used sun lotion bottle and use it to hide your money, keys and cell phone.

5. iPhone speaker with a toilet paper roll

Quick and easy iPhone speaker with a toilet paper roll mod

This iPhone speaker can be done in a quick and easy way (did we mentioned really, really cheap?!) with a simple toilet paper roll.

6. Turn old plastic cards into guitar picks

Turn Old Plastic Cards Into Guitar Picks mod

The credit card that just expired doesn’t need to end up in the trash. Use it to make original guitar picks for you or your friends.

7. Repurpose your old silverware

beautiful ways to repurpose your old silverware mod

Here’s a beautiful way to repurpose your old silverware. Even when you thought they weren’t good for anything, it’s possible to make a unique hanger.

8. Turn an old door frame into a picnic table

Turn an Old Door Frame into an Outdoor Picnic Table mod

If you have access to an old door no one needs, take a look at this idea. Complete your garden with a DIY picnic table. Super original!

9. Functional hanging key holder

Repurpose Your Old LEGO Bricks into a Functional Hanging Key Holder mod

Use your old Lego bricks to build a practical key hanger.

10. Convert old bottles into flower vases

Convert Old Bottles into Flower Vases mod

Old bottles can be transformed into amazing flower vases with cheap materials like paints and glitters. It’s up to your taste.

11. Use old books as shelves

Use Old Books as Shelves

If you think those old books don’t have room in your house anymore, see this first before throwing them away. You can use them to create original shelves.

12. Turn old tennis rackets into mirrors

Turn Old Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors mod

Turning an old tennis racket into a mirror might not be the simplest DIY project of all times, but it’s possible. You only need some skills and old rackets and there you go.

13. Use an old seat belt buckle to keep the keys safe

Use your Old Seat Belt Buckle to Keep your Keys Safe mod

Never lose your keys while inside the house with this amazing idea: a repurposed seat belt buckle that works as a special hanger.

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