13 Creative Ways to Use Bookcases

Bookshelves don’t have to be used just for books storing. You can use them in bunch of really creative ways that will make your apartment look modern and unique.

1. Bookcase Décor

Bookcase Decor mod

If you’re aiming for a modern look, then you will love this awesome looking bookshelf. Arrange your books by color and it will look even better (if that is even possible).


2. Turning a bookshelf into a bar

turning a bookshelf into a bar mod

Guys will love this! Turn a simple bookshelf into a cool looking bar. Show your collection of drinks to everyone! Perfect piece of furniture for a man cage.


3. Bookseat

Bookseat mod

This bookseat looks so simple but at the same time is amazingly creative. Store your books at the same place where you sit and read them. Awesome!


4. Headboard Bookshelf

As a headboard mod

Why don’t you put a bookcase behind your bed? You can use it as a one large cushion and your favorite books will always be near you when you want to read them before sleep.


5. Bookshelf turned into bench for kid’s playroom

bookshelf turned into bench for kid's playroom mod

This is one great idea for kid’s room. Turn this simple bookshelf into a bench and on the shelves you can keep their toys. Looks tidy and we all know how hard is to have that look in a kid’s room!


6. Turn a Bookshelf into a Desk for Two

Turn a Bookshelf Into a Desk for Two mod

This is one of the coolest ideas for a bookcase. If you and your husband or a roommate are always fighting about work desk, you don’t have to do that anymore. Now you can have a desk for two that will fit perfectly even in a small places!


7. Turn a Bookshelf into a Secret Passage

Turn a Bookshelf into a Secret Passage mod

You thought this is only possible in some action movies. Well, it’s not. It’s really simple to make and you will get the secret room in your apartment!


8. Yin Yang BookShelf

Yin Yang BookShelf mod

Bookshelf is not only used for keeping the books stored. It should give your place a special look and show your hobby to the world. This beautiful bookshelf can be on your wall instead of some art painting – because it looks that good!


9. Surround couch Bookshelves

surround couch Bookshelves mod

Who says bookcases have to be on our walls? Surround your couch with bookshelves and you will have a good book near you whenever you have an afternoon rest and you suddenly feel like reading something.


10. Well this is just awesome décor

Well this is just awesome decor mod

Even if you don’t like to read books, you should at least get a small bookcase like this one for your apartment. You are wondering why? Well, put some popular books up there and it will definitely make you look smarter. And chicks love a guy who reads.


11. Book Shelf plus Work Station

Book Shelf plus Work Station mod

Modern and minimalistic. This is a bookshelf and a work desk in one. It will fit perfectly into your apartment or maybe in your office.


12. Can you imagine something more comfortable than this?

Can you imagine something more comfortable than this mod

If you want something unconventional for your apartment, then this is the right thing for you! It is definitely unique. Paradise for every book lover out there!


13. Book Staircase

Book Staircase mod

This combination of a staircase and bookshelf would be perfect for a library, don’t you agree? It looks really interesting!



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