13 Different kitchen styles to inspire you

One of the first things people must do when they buy a new apartment is deciding what kind of style their home is going to have. We decide to help and chose some very different kitchen styles to inspire you. Making a decision isn’t easy, but we hope that our help can make this process faster and simpler for you.


The architectural kitchen combines odd forms and custom made cabinets with sleek complements like the table and chairs.


The wide cabinets and the massive fridge combine perfectly with the massive art work and the simple elements like the rug in this artistic kitchen.


Bright marble and white cabinets are two mandatory items in a traditional kitchen like this one. The open cabinets give it that extra flair you want in a room.


The pop of yellow breaks down the grey cabinets and surfaces in this creative kitchen. Geometrical shapes are one of the great trends of 2013.


This eclectic kitchen mixes metallic surfaces with heavy and dark-wooded frames.


Everything must be in its right place in a small and efficient kitchen like this one.


The farm-style kitchen is just perfect to stretch some dough and make delicious pies. The light brick wall gives it a country touch.


The naked walls and the disorganized look give it an industrial touch. It’s the perfect kitchen for an apartment studio.


Although it might not be the perfect term for it, we decided to call it the kitsch kitchen, because there’s something really kitschy to it. The peacock and the chandelier really give it an overdone look, but when you put all the elements together, you can make a true visual statement.


The modern kitchen has everything you need: spacious cabinets with sleek lines, neat shelves instead of wall mounted cabinets and neutral colors.

Kitchen Island

The rustic kitchen is for those people who dream of baking big roasts in the oven and making lemonade in hot days. It’s so cozy and inviting that it screams the idea of family to us.

traditional and country

This classic kitchen style makes us remember the famous chef Julia Child. It has a lot of storage space and the classic forms are broken down by the modern touches like the shelves or the white bowls.


This vintage kitchen makes us want to draw for days on those chalkboard walls. The cabinets are super nice and the floor has a great composition.

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