13 Minimalist Apartment Designs From Around the World

Less is often more, don’t you agree? These few apartments from all around the world prove that fact! Minimalism design concept celebrate simplicity and keeps homes clutter free!

1. Modern Bedroom in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

This breathtaking apartment is located in Moscow, on the 46th floor of the Saint Petersburg Tower. It has gorgeous panoramic view over the city. It looks really modern and minimalistic. Who wouldn’t like to have bedroom like this? It’s modern, but looks warm because of the brown wooden floor.


2. Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

This beautiful apartment in Kiev is showing everyone what modern really means. It’s completely minimalist but doesn’t have cold and sterile vibe. It looks amazing!


3. Singapore

The owner of this magnificent apartment wanted a light, contemporary interior which would also incorporate quirky finds he collected over the years. Do you think he got what he wanted? Amazing!


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