13 Most Amazing Fireplaces on Earth

Traditional or contemporary, for indoors or out, the fireplaces just always amaze us. Old traditional fireplaces are symbol of rustic beauty, but there are also some modern looking ones that will definitely catch your eye. Here you can see one of a kind fireplaces that will leave you breathless.

1. Fieldstone Fireplace and Jacuzzi

Rock Fireplace and Jacuzzi

This amazing fireplace is installed at Twin Farms resort in Vermont and you can enjoy it for around 3,000 dollars a night! You have admit that it’s amazing, a natural stone hot tub just looks so inviting beside a fieldstone fireplace.


2. Beach Stone Fireplace

Pebble Fireplace

This is definitely something different. You just can’t stop looking at this amazing spiral pattern formed by varying size stones, don’t you? Awesome!


3. Bathyscafocus by Focus
Bathyscafocus by Focus

This is a perfect balance between technology, style and nature! Amazing round modern fireplace is opened and can be turned to any part of the room. It will definitely lighten up your apartment.


4. Under the Stairs
Under the Stairs

Installing fireplace under the stairs is a great use of space, don’t you agree? And those two booths on the each side are just amazing addition to a perfect fireplace. It looks magical!


5. Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplaces always look so cozy and inviting. They’re a great element in any home, but outside too. Doesn’t this outdoor fireplace look like a place where you would like to spend all your free time?


6. River Rock Fireplace
River Rock Fireplace

An imposing stone fireplace is something you need to have in your vacation getaway! It an absolute MUST! It looks amazing, and all those river rocks different sizes and shapes makes it as special as it can be!


7. Built-in Fireplace
Built-in Fireplace

Modern fireplaces can make any home look amazing. What’s great about them is that they can basically be installed anywhere you want. Wake up your imagination!


8. The Zeta EcoSmart Fire
Freestanding Fireplace

This amazing fireplace is a clever fusion of leather, stainless steel and glass. It’s so stylish and unique, you have to love it!


9. Traditional Fireplace

Traditional Fireplace

You probably think that this one is just too simple and plain when compared to others on this list. You are right, but this is what traditional fireplace really means. You can immediately imagine family gathering around it and opening Christmas presents!


10. Mont Blanc Direct Cheminée Fireplace
Mont Blanc Direct Cheminée Fireplace

If you’re looking for a stylish and modern fireplace that will give your apartment different note, look no further. This is what you’re looking for!


11. Tree Wall Fireplace
Tree Wall Fireplace

This is one of the most beautiful outdoor fireplaces! Look at this! It looks so peaceful. You could sit on that bench in front of it and just rest your mind and soul.


12. Glass Fireplace by Bloch Design
Glass Fireplace by Bloch Design

Nothing makes a home more ‘homely’ than nice traditional fireplace, don’t you agree? Well, that’s true, but fireplaces that looks like an art are also great choice. Like this one – amazing glass fireplace that is completely custom-made.


13. Fire feature by Elena Colombo
Fire feature by Elena Colombo

Only reaction to this interesting fire feature can be: ‘Is this for real?’! Oh yes it is! It was designed by Elena Colombo whose main goal was to create a work that extends the realm of architecture further into the landscape.


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