14 Mind-Blowing Entertainment Dens

We all dream about our perfect kitchen, bedroom, bathroom… In one word: perfect home. When we think about our perfect home we all have some special (you may say crazy) ideas! On these pictures you will see some of that crazy (but genius) ideas! Who wouldn’t like to have such a cool rooms in their own home?? We all love to unwind when we get home, and these rooms are perfect for that!

1. Attic Home Theater

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Turn your attic into something great! This room looks so cozy! It’s a perfect place to lay down with your special one, turn on some romantic movie… And who knows what will come after that!


2. Imagine Home Theater

Imagine Home Theater mod

Look at this home theater!! Who wouldn’t like to have such a beautiful place to watch movies with your friends, play video games or just listen to the music? Chairs look so comfortable, it would be a pleasure to watch movies in them! It’s just like at the movie theater, except without the whining kids and those annoying people who never stop talking. Perfect!


3. Home Theater Design Ideas with Round Table

Home Theater Design Ideas With Round Table mod

If you have a spare room in your apartment, turn that room into a home theater! Maybe even the one like this. This huge home theater looks great for a gathering with your friends. We guarantee you that everyone would want to hang out at your place if your place looked like this! Epic, right?


4. Yard Turned To Outdoor Cinema

Yard Turned To Outdoor Cinema mod

Have you ever seen anything more romantic and cozy? It looks amazingly good and it’s perfect for hot summer nights. Big bowl of pop corns, good movie, great company – who needs anything else?


5. Star Trek Home Theater

Here comes cool home theater for all the Trekkies out there. This home theater produces realistic sound effects and motion-activated air-lock doors! And what is even more cool – it has its private bar! No matter if you are Trekkie or not, you have to admit that this theater is definitely impressing!


6. Batcave Home Theater

Batcave Home Theater mod

This is the perfect cave for those who are Batman lovers! This one would definitely fit their taste because it really looks like a Batcave. This home entertainment room is great place for having movie nights!


7. Simple and Cozy Home Den

Simple and Cozy Home Den mod

For those who like minimalistic and modern style, dark colors are the best. Add some white into that formula and the room will look amazing! It’s simple and it’s cozy – perfect family room.


8. Futuristic Home Theater Setup

Futuristic Home Theatre Setup mod

If you’re looking for an ultimate man cave, this one would definitely be on the top! Clean and sharp colors, high tech all around you – it can’t be any better than this!


9. The Giants Fan Man Cave

The Giants Fan Man Cave mod

Perfect man cave for sport fans! Owner of this room loves The Giants, but you can do something like this for any club or sport you like! Just choose your team colors for decoration and go wild!


10. Home Winery Central

Home Winery Central mod (1)

Oh yes, this is the one! Home winery! You can immediately imagine yourself throwing wine tasting parties here! Comfy chairs, wine, good cigars – your friends would love this! No women allowed!


11. The Home Studio

The Home Studio mod

Awesome man cave for the musicians! You can create some great music here or just listen to your favorite songs. It just needs more comfortable chair and it would be perfect!


12. Basement Home Entertainment Room

Basement Home Entertainment Room mod

You have a basement and you don’t know what to do with it? Here comes the inspiration! Your old plain basement can become an amazing home theater! And because of the mirror behind, the room seems even bigger than it actually is!


13. Basement hockey memorabilia and TV room

Basement hockey memorabilia and tv room mod

Turn your basement into hockey memorabilia and a tv room! Or football, tennis, basketball – whatever you like more! Your friends will love to watch games here! You will probably need to win the lottery first, but hey, you never know!


14. Chicago White Sox Man Cave

chicago white sox man cave mod

The last but not the least. Awesome man cave for the sport lovers. Or better to say, every single guy on Earth, I guess.


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