15 Amazing Apartment Design Ideas

Want to see some creative (and a bit over the top) design ideas? Then, join us on a trip around the world to check some of the new architectural tendencies. They are big, dynamic, ambitious… and they promise to blow your mind.

Prepare yourself! You’re about to see the best 15 amazing apartment designs out there.

1. Hong Kong Canopy Tower

The Canopy Tower

This one is so good it even shines like if it were blessed by the Chinese gods.  This residential tower features 54 luxurious duplexes, each one surrounded by a large private garden. And also by the huge mass of nature we can see in the picture.



2. The Mountain Dwellings Apartments

Mountain Dwellings Apartments

Ah, the sight of  80 penthouses in the same building still makes our poor little neck hairs shiver. The multi-level building with 11 floors, located in Copenhagen (Denmark), kind of looks like an artificial mountain, with all its apartments positioned on the diagonal, above the roof of the parking garage.



3. Steampunk Inspired Apartment

Steampunk Inspired Apartment

Steampunk started as a personal style, but now it’s all over the place, including apartments. This one can be found at Chelsea neighborhood, in New York, and “only” costs $1.750.000. Before we go on, can we agree that the most awesome detail is that 32-foot long Zeppelin with a programmable LED lighting system?



4. Amazing Loft Cube Design

Amazing Loft Cube Design

Designed for people always on the move, the Loft Cube is, basically, an entire apartment squeezed inside a cube. It was created to be the high tech home for the nomads of the future and it can be customized according to each owner.



5. Gorgeous Apartment in London’s Water Tower

Gorgeous Apartment in London's Water Tower

This old water tower from the 19th-century was recently transformed in a modern apartment building. Located in central London, this amazing apartment has a room with six windows that can offer an incomparable 360° view of London.



6. Amazing Organically Shaped Apartment

Amazing Organically Shaped Apartment

From St. Peterburg, with lots of Russian love, comes the organically shaped apartment, designed by the German architectural firm nps Tchoban voss. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to live in an apartment like this? Those fluffy pillows look like they could keep us warm during the winter.



7. White Minimalist Apartment with Organic Curves

White Minimalist Apartment with Organic Curves

Although these stairs are making us dizzy, the minimalist apartment is completely amazing. The white and the wood complement beautifully, giving an ethereal look to the house. Using these elements, this apartment in North London, which belongs to the musician Jamie Norton, now seems that it has unlimited space.



8. Gorgeous Modern Apartment Design

Gorgeous Modern Apartment Design

This building with three apartments is located in the suburbs of Athens, in Greece, and is just beautiful. Great design, great decor and… great pool for the summer days. The colors and materials were chosen to create a bioclimatic design and an overall feeling of harmony and luxury. The sculptures of Gianni Asprason give it the perfect final touch.



9. Cozy Modern Apartment Design

Cozy Modern Apartment Design

It’s modern and it’s cozy. It’s a simple apartment and, yet, one in which we would love to live. Why? Well, the bathroom by itself would be a great reason. It’s huge and it has an amazing round design with a tub that could break Guinness records.



10. Eye-catching Brightly Painted Apartment

Eye-catching Brightly Painted Apartment

Nope, this is not an apartment from a videogame or a crazy movie about the future. It’s a complete architectural madness! The building impresses both inside and outside.



11. Stylish Black and White Apartment Design

Stylish Black and White Apartment Design

Hellooo, sleek and stylish apartment with classic patterns and a lot of contrast! Here’s another beautiful apartment from Russia. This one, called project Begovaya, was created by Geometrix Design and it’s located in Moscow. The interior is mainly black and white with little touches of color.



12. Large Luxury Apartment Converted from an Old Cinema

Large Luxury Apartment Converted from an Old Cinema

This exclusive apartment can be found in Stockholm, in Sweden, and it hides a secret: it used to be the Plaza-Astoria Cinema, designed by Bjorn Hedvall before 1930. Recently, the building was completely transformed and it’s now a luxury studio with 423 square meters. It has a huge terrace and even an orangery.



13. Amazing Redeveloper Apartment

Amazing Redeveloper Apartment

One of the design pearls from Ontario, in Canada, is the Redeveloper Apartment, created by Kariouk Associates. This house with a modern interior is the best example of how to solve the spatial issues that usually affect urban residences. For example, the shower and the storage area are “hidden” in elliptical columns that work simultaneously as room dividers.


14. Modern Apartment with a Wooden Theme

Modern Apartment with a Wooden Theme

The delightful details totaly make this apartment stand out. First, the prevalence of wood make it seem more connected to nature and, thus, more calming. Thanks to the work of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, this sixth floor small apartment, located in the East Village area, in New York, is now a functional and aesthetically attractive living space.


15. Modern Apartment with Geometrical Architecture

Modern Apartment using Geometrical Architecture

Let’s finish in a high note with this apartment building that is located in Luxembourg, but could be in some Japanese city. That was probably the idea of Metaform, the studio that designed this sleek and contemporary 4.000 square foot apartment building: to create something really different. The project has really interesting sculptural lines, which make the building stand out.



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