15 Inspirational Home Libraries

Book lovers beware – these wonderful home libraries will fill you with envy! If you can’t handle that, stop reading this! Just joking, you have to see these 15 amazingly beautiful home libraries. Some are more traditional, while others are completely different and unique and will challenge your creative juices.

1. Double Deck Library
Double Deck Library

Having a home library seems so classy and distinguished. And having a library with two floors is just a dream for all the book lovers. The antique furniture and the fireplace give this home library an old-fashioned look.


2. Tribeca Loft Library

Beautiful and huge living room with a library on the top floor. Simple looking and yet so gorgeous! This one-of-a-kind home library is a part of duplex penthouse in New York. Who wouldn’t like to live here?


3. Library With a Look
Library with a Look

This reading sanctuary is not only modern and interesting, but it has one big advantage. It has a large window with a beautiful view of the garden! Spiral staircase and open shelves gives this room a modern look.


4. Industrial Library

Industrial Library

When we think about libraries, we all have that typical traditional design in mind, with brown wood panels on the walls. Well, if you want something modern and different, then you’ll have to get creative. Maybe this simple yet gorgeous home library inspires you!


5. Built-in Bookshelves
built-in bookshelves

If you don’t want to waste any space in your apartment, then you will love these bookshelves. A wonderful idea for small apartments without lots of space for storage. These bookshelves are also entrance to another room, where you can choose a book, sit down and enter the mysterious world of imagination!


6. Just Read
Just Read

Talk about thinking out of the box… Bookshelves do not always have to be boring and plain. Just look at this interesting design – simple and yet so creative!


7. Simple Home Library

Simple Home Library

This is one of the simplest libraries that you will see here, but it’s irresistible. Cozy reading nook with bookshelves on either side – perfect! This is the example that any little free space can be turned into a reading corner.


8. The Wall Bookshelves

The Wall Bookshelves

These are the coolest bookshelves ever! Bookshelves with an interesting twist for the modern home library. It gives the room a special vibe! Looks fantastic!


9. Fireplace with Bookshelves
Fireplace With Bookshelves

Sometimes the best thing to choose when decorating is a cohesive, traditional look. With this dark wood, this home library looks simple and traditional, and fireplace gives it warm and cozy touch. Put some modern furniture inside to make it interesting!


10. Surrounded by Books

Surrounded by Books

Owning a home library is such a great thing. It would be an ideal place for your literary endeavors and you wouldn’t need a membership card. In this beautiful home library you will feel like in a paradise. It has plenty of natural light, which is perfect for reading!


11. Magical Bookshelves

Magical Bookshelves

This is a great use of a place with high ceilings! You would need a ladder to reach the books, but that can look really interesting in a home library! This gentle blue color gives the room a romantic vibe and interesting chandelier highlights the simplicity of the room.


12. Bermuda Blue Home Library
Bermuda blue home library

This beautiful blue&yellow home library has a special bohemian charm. Libraries don’t have to be monochromatic and boring! We could spend hours lost in the pages of our favorite books in this room.


13. Black and White Library
Black and White Library

If you love the simplicity and minimalism, then this is the perfect home library for you. A great reading area doesn’t need to be extravagant, it can be simple and neat.


14. Contemporary Home Library
Contemporary Home Library

Every little detail in this library is perfect! It’s a modern library for modern homes! It looks like a real oasis where we can escape from our hectic daily lives.


15. An Idyllic Private Library
An Idyllic Private Library

This attic home library and a work space is just perfect. It can’t get any better then this. Can you imagine yourself working here?



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