15 Smart Organizing Tips for the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually inclined to be one of the most disorganized places in the house. It’s where we cook and it’s also that room we really don’t feel like cleaning up after our daily culinary adventures…

So keeping it organized with a few good ideas is the greatest solution you can find in this case. Here are 15 smart tips that will help turn your kitchen into a better place.

1. Hang aprons and dish towels

Hang Aprons and Dish Towels mod

Don’t leave your aprons and dish towels spread across the kitchen. Hang them and you will see the difference in the organization of this room.

2. Kitchen pegboard

Kitchen Pegboard mod

If you have a small kitchen, using the vertical space available is a great idea. Check out this DIY pegboard and get inspired.

3. Hanging baskets

Hanging Baskets mod

Again: vertical space! Hanging baskets and organizing them with different types of content can really boost your kitchen’s organization.

4. Magnetic knife strip

The magnetic knife strip mod

Hanging sharp objects might not be a good idea in some cases, but it’s an excellent way of organizing your kitchen utensils.

5. Roll-out rack for cans and spices

Roll Out Rack for Cans and Spices mod

If you have the chance of transforming one of your kitchen cabinets, create a roll-out rack in one of them to more easily organize your spices and food cans.

6. Outdated shutter door

Arrange utensils and cloths on an outdated shutter door mod

Don’t know where to get a pegboard? That’s fine: just get an old shutter door and use it to hang your kitchen tools.

7. Organizing the kitchen pantry

Organizing The Kitchen Pantry mod

Several shelves and plastic boxes can work miracles in your pantry if you’re going for an organized space.

8. Chalkboard hooked cabinet doors

Chalkboard Version Hooked Cabinet Doors mod

Line the inside of your cabinet doors with chalkboard and use it to “label” your utensils.

9. Chalkboard and vinyl labels

Chalkboard Vinyl Decorative Labels mod

Chalkboard labels are a stylish and very fun way to organize your kitchen and food.

10. Organizing the pots

Organizing the pots for easy access and aesthetic display mod

Use one of these special hangers to organize your pots all in the same accessible spot. Cooking will be so much easier!

11. Retractable book stand

Retractable Bookstand mod

If you love to cook, you probably already had to endure the difficulty of trying to reproduce a recipe while holding a cookbook. That won’t happen if you have one of these.

12. Storage drawers under the sink

torage Drawers under the Kitchen Sink mod

It’s not very usual, but there’s the possibility of creating storage space under the kitchen sink. Even drawers!

13. Diagonal organization

Make the Most of Kitchen Drawers By Organizing Diagonally mod

Maeke the most of your drawer’s space by storing their content diagonally.

14. Storing large kitchen utensils

Large Kitchen Utensils No Problem mod

Storing the big utensils is not always easy, but a simple system like this one can solve your problem.

15. Pull out chopping board

Pull Out Chopping Board mod

Chopping boards are one of the most difficult items when it comes to kitchen storing. Unless you have one of these.

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