17 Amazing ideas for small kitchens

Are you proud of your small kitchen? Do you love to cook while you walk through that cozy and familiar space? Well, for some of us, the space just doesn’t matter, as long as it’s well organized.

If you want to make some changes in your small kitchen, check the ideas of these kitchen lovers. These beautiful havens definitely have their pride upheld, as we have included them in our special collection.

1. Circular kitchen with concealed dishwasher

Circle Kitchen mod

It’s like a beautiful shower cabin in the kitchen, where you can wash your dishes and keep the dishes.

2. Impressive sliding cabinet doors

Impressive Sliding Cabinet Doors mod

Instead of having walls and doors, you have spacious cabinets that help you make the most of your small kitchen.

3. Naturally lit kitchen

Naturally Lit Kitchen mod

Use natural light and forget about the boring curtains in order to make your kitchen look bigger.

4. Spherical microwave

Spherical Microwave mod

What a great way of avoiding a square and ugly microwave and, simultaneously, introducing a sleek piece of design into your kitchen.

5. Orange kitchen decor

Orange Kitchen mod

It’s cool, it’s bright and it’s funky. After this, everyone will want an orange kitchen. The space is so well organized that it can even fit a huge fridge.

6. Wooden interior decor

Wooden Interior decor mod

Classic elements like wood and marble are fused into a super nice kitchen. A great example of space organization.

7. Small apartment kitchens

kitchen under the staircase mod

What a great example of how you can make the most of your stairwell.

8. Maximum space utilization decor

Maximum Space Utilization mod

Having a kitchen in a space that is little bigger than a hall, you have to use all you got: either it’s your horizontal or your vertical space.

9. Glass kitchen decor

glass kitchen mod

Using glass on the decor of a small space always helps when you want to make it seem wider and brighter. And it looks super good in a kitchen!

10. Spice storage

Spice Storage mod

Instead of filling up a whole cabinet with spices, you can take this idea and create a similar storage space.

11. Countryside kitchen decor

CountrySide Kitchen mod

A nice example of a countryside laidback kitchen, embedded in a really small space.

12. Cool storage rack

cool storage rack mod

Use this idea in your kitchen and you’ll see how much free space you’ll conquer.

13. Corner drawers

Corner Drawers mod

Ever thought of this solution to make the most of your cabinet’s corners?

14. Fruit dispenser

Fruit Dispenser mod

If those pieces of fruit have faces, they would be smiling because that seems super fun!

15. Groceries storage

Groceries Storage mod

Say no to having your groceries scattered all over your kitchen. What about some fancy drawers to fix this problem?

16. Storey pull out drawers

Storey pullout drawers mod

A different kind of pantry for your small kitchen. It’s super neat and organized!

17. Red small kitchen decor

Red Small Kitchen decor mod

And, finally, the kitchen of anyone’s dreams. Sleek design, cool colors, lots of drawers and cabinets and all you need to be happy in a small kitchen.


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