18 Creative apartment decorating ideas

What about changing the ambience of your apartment with some creative ideas? All that it takes is some inspiration and good ideas. Bring a new life into your apartment!

1. Bicycle table

A bicycle table mod

Besides being super cool, this bicycle table also leaves you some storage space below.

2. How to display the hats

How to display the hats mod

This original hat rack will make your entry hall a lot more interesting.

3. The marine collection

The Marine Collection mod

Some of your storage space must also be used to keep interesting decorative items, like this nice marine collection.

4. Hanging folded stools

Hanging Folded Stools mod

Useful and beautiful: the perfect set of adjectives to describe these stools.

5. Kitchen magnet board

Magic Wall Vertical Kitchen Magnet Board mod

Pot racks are for the cowards. The brave kitchen owners go with a magic wall like this one.

6. The artistic book lover

The Artistic Book Lover mod

This is a great idea for small living rooms, where it seems impossible to get a bookcase. Go with the ceiling “shelves”.

7. The cool college room

The Cool College Room mod

Bright furniture with a clean design can make your living room a lot more interesting, as you can see.

8. Bring out the club look with a lit canvas

Lit Canvas to Bring Out The Club Look

How to light up a room? With a beautiful lit canvas like this one.

9. Hanging storage shelves

Hanging Storage Shelf mod

These organic-looking shelves can be a great addition to your hall or living room.

10. Liven up your small bedroom

Aliven Your Small Bedroom mod

Bright colors and mirrors that can reflect the light and the sight are two great ideas to make a small room seem wider.

11. The future professor’s room

The Future Professor's Room mod

Chalkboard walls? Yes, please!

12. Bottle cap tiled walls

Bottle Cap Tiled Walls mod

Instead of wallpaper or paint, why not decorate your walls with caps? We assure your guests won’t forget about your home so soon.

13. Creatively number your house

Creatively Number Your House mod

It’s a different idea, but why not? Do you like numbers or a number in particular? Recreate it or them on your wall with nails.

14. Bedroom light tree decor

Bedroom Light Tree decor mod

Add a statement piece like this bright tree to your bedroom and you won’t be sorry, we guarantee!

15. The artist’s work desk

The Artist's Work Desk mod

Wall collages can be extremely original and make an interesting decorative element.

16. Appetizing kitchen wall decor

Appetizing Kitchen Wall decor mod

A little detail that can cause a lot of smiles!

17. Cool spiral staircase

Cool Spiral Staircase mod

A spiral staircase has a lot of advantages, but these two are good enough for us: it saves space and it’s super cool.

18. Mixing patterns

Add some visual interest to your apartment by mixing patterns and colors. Don’t go black and white with a tiny pattern here and there: go bold!


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