18 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room is, probably, the centre of your home. Is the place where the family gets together, where you can hang out, relax and have fun. So, why shouldn’t it be the place where you invest more of your time and decorative skills.

But what about if you have a small living room? Not a problem. Here are some awesome ideas to beautify and maximize your living room.

1.  Modern living room with an artistic touch

Modern Living Room with an Artistic Touch

Ah, the contemporary living room. Here are some tips on how to combine simple, but stylish, wooden elements with lighter colors, creating a sophisticated room.

2. Unique monochrome living room

Unique Monochrome Living Room

A beautiful black and white living room with little pops of color, especially the red, which combines perfectly with the monochromatic mix. Notice how the colors make the room seem so much bigger than it actually is.

3. Contemporary living room with unique furniture

Contemporary Living Room with very unique furniture

This small living room only seems bigger because of the furniture choise: just a few interesting and unique pieces, that stand out in the naked space. It’s a modern living room and, although it doesn’t fit in all houses, if your home has a futuristic and slightly oriental touch to it.

4. Minimalist living room

Minimalist Living Room

Pretty, clean and functional. That’s the minimalist living room, with sober colors and sleek design ideas. The sofa is a bit big, but it’s great for a family that loves to relax in a nicely decorated room.

5. Artistic modern living room

Artistic Modern Living Room

This artistic living room is not that small – at least for normal people standards, millionaires will think otherwise –, but it’s on this list to show you how futuristic elements can go together with classic elements like wood and white walls.

6. Very unique minimalist living Room

Very Unique Minimalist Living Room

The star of this minimalist living room is, definitely, that piece of furniture by the wall. It gives the room a whole different idea of space, making it seem wider. The big window also helps and the grey sofas and chairs are very in at the moment.

7. Stripes design

Stripes Design

Do you love stripes? Then, this is the perfect stripes design for your living room, without seeming tacky or too overdone. The stripes are quietly present in almost every corner of this living room, from the lamps to the subliminal mirror reflection.

8. Studio type living room with unique furniture

Studio type living room with unique furniture

The perfect idea to decorate the social area of a studio apartment. Just a few pieces of furniture with a unique design and uplifting colors. By placing them the right way, you can delimit the living room space.

9. Eco-friendly contemporary living room

Eco-friendly Contemporary Living Room

Here’s a good example of how a really small living room can have everything a home needs. The big windows do half the job and then it’s just a matter of placing the furniture correctly. Do it right and you get lots of sitting places, so nobody has to stand while you’re receiving your friends, and a functional appearance.

10. Small living room with stone walls

Small Living Room with Stone Walls

If your house has a living room with stone walls, take some ideas from this decor example. It may seem strange, but the grey furniture really works with the natural tones of the walls. The living room seems really bigger, this way.

11. Beach-themed modern living room

Beach-themed Modern Living Room

The perfect decor for your beach house! Usually, people spend less time in their beach houses, so they look for a better deal and, therefore, get a smaller house. But here are some great tips to make it seem bigger, at least the living room, while you get to maintain the beach/nautical theme. The monochromatic colors with the bright wooden stairs give this beach-themed living room a modern touch.

12. Modern living room with matching color palettes

Modern Living Room with Matching Color Palettes

If you have a studio, a great way to differentiate the many “rooms” is to match color palettes. For instance, try to match the sofa color with the shelving tone in the living room area and you will get an organized space. Then, you can add some touches of color and make it more fun.

13. Modern living room with plasma TV

Modern Living Room with Plasma TV

See how the plasma TV is so big, but is not occupying any necessary space in this living room? Well, that’s because one of the tricks you should use if you have a small living room is to attach the plasma TV on the wall and save space for the decorative details that make your house different.

14. Cozy living room with fireplace

Cozy Living Room with Fireplace

A fireplace is always a great addition to any room, but especially to a living room. It makes it seem cosier and warms the house in the winter (okay… it’s also really good to roast some marshmallows, yummy!). But the best thing is to have a fireplace integrated in a beautiful wall piece like the one on the picture: it has a design element, lots of space to store things and some shelves to keep the decorative details.

15. Black and white modern living room

Black and White Modern Living Room

Here’s an amazing example of how a monochromatic mix of colors with classical elements, such as that chandelier, can be modern and sophisticated. The sleek lines of the furniture give this black and white living room a clean touch.

16. Oriental type living room with wooden furniture

Oriental Type Living Room with Wooden Furniture

What a marvelous and elegant little living room. See how the room is so well organized and still has lots of sitting spaces? And then there’s the oriental touch, present in the windows and the plants, which makes it different from all other small living rooms.

17. Beautiful living room with eating space

Beautiful Orange themed Living Room with Glass Table

Check out this nice living and dining rooms combined into one. The space is so well organized that it seems we’re looking to two different rooms. However, despite the “separation”, the two spaces are linked and the energy flows through them thanks to the similar colors.

18. Small living room with different shades of brown

Small Living Room with different shades of Brown

And, at last, here’s the “nature” living room. With different shades of brown and some pops of green, this organic living room makes us think about a small and dense forest.

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