20 Amazing bathroom lighting ideas

The lighting system is one of the most important features of your house. It’s impossible to achieve a good decoration without a proper (ad stylish) lighting set. So, let’s go back to that one room people always neglect: the bathroom! Get some inspiration through these pictures.

1. Mermaid bathroom light

Mermaid Bathroom Light mod

If you have a bathroom with a vintage or an art déco look, this light will be perfect.

2. Sky blue ceiling bathroom lamp

Sky Blue Cieling Bathroom Lamp mod

Are you looking for a relaxing lighting system for your bathroom? You might just have found it.

3. Cool LED glow lamps

LED Glow Lamps mod

The ideal lighting system for a stylish and modern bathroom.

4. Lightning generators

Lightning Generators mod

The best idea to light your sink mirror.

5. LED mirror lamps

LED Mirror Lamps mod

An original lighting system for an original and modern bathroom, where the classic combination between metallics and the red color work perfectly.

6. Queen suite luxury bath lamps

Queen Suite Luxury Bath Lamps mod

For a classic bathroom, a classic and classy chandelier.

7. Modern home bathroom lighting

Modern Home Bathroom Lighting mod

This futuristic and minimalist bathroom has one of the best lighting systems we have seen lately.

8. LED bathroom strip lighting

LED Bathroom Strip Lighting mod

For an organic and sleek looking bathroom, you need a simple and discreet lighting system.

9. Pretty bottle bathroom lamps

Pretty Bottle Bathroom Lamps mod

For a romantic style, create a DIY project like this one using a bottle and some fairy lights.

10. Leopard bathroom lights

Leopard Bathroom Lights mod

This original lamp belongs to a special room. It’s not for every bathroom, but for a room out of this world.

11. Gatsby’s house bathroom lamps

Gatsby's House Bathroom Lamps mod

How about some art déco lamps for your artistic looking bathroom?

12. Cool pink flamingo bathroom lamp

Cool Pink Flamingo Bathroom Lamp mod

The best lighting accessory for a college-style bathroom. So retro and kitsch at the same time!

13. Movable bathroom tube lamps

Movable Bathrrom Tube Lamps mod

Move the light to where you need it with these original lighting tubes (and feel like a Star Wars character while you do it).

14. Bathroom heat lamp

Bathroom Heat Lamp mod

Light your bathroom, while you heat it at the same time.

15. Bell jar bathroom lamps

Bell Jar Bathroom Lamps mod

This beautiful lamp will look great in a simple and classic bathroom: it’s your statement piece.

16. Architect’s bathroom lamps

Architect's Bathroom Lamps mod

Grab the lights from your working desk and put them in your adorable bathroom.

17. Luminous bathtub lighting

Luminous Bathtub Lighting mod

Instead of putting your lights on the ceiling or on the walls, why not your bathroom? It will provide some relaxing and different baths.

18. Under cabinet bathroom lighting

Under Cabinet Bathroom Lighting mod

Complement your ceiling lighting system with some discreet lights under your cabinets. It will create a different ambiance in your bathroom.

19. Sandwich LED shower lamp

Sandwich LED Shower Lamp mod

This shower lamp will make your bathroom unique!

20. Green shower lighting

Green Shower Lighting mod

Incredible Hulk’s house? No, just a futuristic and stylish bathroom with an original lighting system. The decoration is minimalist, so the lights can, literally, shine.


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