20 Living Room Painting Ideas

A creative splash of paint might be just what a certain room in your house needs to get totally different. A pop of color or a sophisticated solid tone can be the answer to your decorating dilema.

Check our ideas below and you might get the inspiration you’re looking for.

1. Unique nature-themed modern living room

Unique Nature Theme Modern Living Room

This kind of painting not only makes the room brighter, but it also makes it seem bigger. And let’s not talk about how creative this nature-themed living room is, with its different tones of blue. Besides the amazing drawing on the wall, there’s also that nice detail on the couch that complements all the design.

2. White and lavender living room

White and Blue Living Room

A basic tone and a soothing, but also fun, color are the right mix to create an interesting living room. In this case, white is invaded by a lavender explosion, which reaches the walls, but also the carpet and the furniture. It’s like everything in the room is flowing into the same direction.

3. Modern brown living room painting idea

Modern Brown Living Room Painting Idea

Using different shades of brown can make the room seem truly sophisticated. This modern brown living room, with matching furniture, is a good example!

4. Neat red and white living room painting idea

Very Neat Red and White Living Room Painting Idea

A classical combination of white and red, with some little notes of grey here and there and beautiful natural elements like the plant and the lemons.

5. Classic living room with a urban touch

Classic Living Room with Urban Theme

This one is a good example of how you can mix classical and contemporary elements: the wooden floor, the grey couch and the urban-themed painting on the wall complement each other nicely, making this small living room an interesting case of a mixture of styles.

6. Minimalist living room with a touch of green

Minimalist Living Room with a Touch of Green

Here’s a minimalist living room with a sleek decor. The dry tones – the beige and the light green – give the idea of a cozy room: a comfortable and, yet, stylish place to gather the family and friends.

7. Benjamin Moore’s Chili Pepper Hue painting idea

Benjamin Moore's Chili Pepper Hue

This painting idea, and the rest of the decor as well, is for the bolder house owners. The idea of an earth tone combined with a powerful red comes together in this oriental, but very inviting style.

8. Simple living room with eye soothing colors

Simple Living Room with Eye Soothing Colors

Let’s get minimalist and simple with this bright living room. The painting gives us the idea of a very fresh and soothing room, the ideal to gather the family in the summer.

9. Green Victorian living room Green Victorian Living Room

Victorian style isn’t for everyone, but if you really like this classic theme, go for it with green walls and vintage furniture. A true lover of the classic times shall be thrilled of hanging out in such a parlor.

10. Stylish living room with a brown accent

Stylish Living Room with Brown Accent

Who said brown was boring?! Feast your eyes in this amazing mix of browns and beiges, as we show you this familiar living room. So cozy and stylish at the same time, mainly thanks to the warm brown tones, which have the power to turn your living room into a star.

11. Purple accent walled living room

Purple Accent Walled Living Room

Painting your living room purple might sound like a bad idea, but what if you just paint a wall with this color? A pop of a bright tone makes a room a lot more interesting. You don’t agree? Then, think of this room with all the walls painted white and you will see that the purple option is just perfect.

12. Lime green living room painting idea

Lime Green Living Room Painting Idea

The bold color choice, mixed with the sleek decorative elements and the retro look of the furniture, makes this living room so interesting. The lime green looks beautiful side by side with the white and the light wood.

13. Spring-themed contemporary living room

Spring Themed Contemporary Living Room

It may seem a monochromatic choice, but that spring note on the wall really makes this living room decor pop. It looks like the perfect place to relax and read a book, close to “nature”.

14. Pink living room painting idea

Pink Living Room Painting Idea

Having a pink living room is not a choice for everybody, but it can set you apart from all the white and boring living rooms. The pink color of the walls is complemented with some simple couches and light wood furniture. The unusual curtains give the final touch.

15. Modern living room with a combination of yellow and white

Modern Living Room with a Combination of Yellow and White Colors

Dark yellow, white and polished wood is a classic combination, but if it isn’t broken, don’t go fix it, right? In this case, the dark yellow tone on the wall is used to separate the entertaining room from the dining area, as you can see.

16. Black and white living room with green center wall

Black and White Living Room with Green Center Wall

What a great idea: painting a center wall with a bright color to make everything else excel. This is how you break a monochromatic living room, bringing it to life. In this case, green was the right choice, because it matches perfectly with the light wood on the floor.

17.  Unique living room with different shades of green

Unique Living Room with Different Shades of Green

This is not your everyday decorating. The main focus is on the furniture, not on the wall. So, if you have some bold ideas for your decoration, follow this example: choose a simple color for the walls. This way, green and gold furniture and details can “paint” your living room, like if it was an empty canvas.

18. Minimalist living room in earth colors

Minimalist Living Room in Earth Colors

Another example of a decorating focused on the color brown, but this time mixing some other earth tones, which you can see on the carpet and the wall. The organic elements give the final touch to this minimalist living room.

19. Wooden brown and orange-themed minimalist living room

Wooden Brown and Orange Themed Minimalist Living Room

A pop of color can really make magic when we’re talking about decoration. Do you see how the oranges and the browns seem made for each other? And it doesn’t even matter if they’re part of the furniture or the wall.

20. Elegant living room with cool colors

Elegant Living Room with Cool Colors

A room that can be classic, rich and cool at the same time. It’s not easy to achieve such a combo! But this one can do it perfectly. The light colors, the gold and the dark wood furniture and details look like they were made for each other when they’re all together in this elegant living room.

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