5 Awesome Apartment Gadgets To Start 2013

2013 has just started and the following gadgets will improve apartment living significantly for the year ahead.

1. Soma – Amazing Water Filter


This was a kickstarter project. It’s amazing!

Soma Water Filter

2. Kickass 4-in-1 Knife Set


This set of 4 knifes from Deglon is awesome and will take up very little space in your apartment.


3. Marshmallo Man Pajamas


Christmas might be over but it’s still really cold so what better way to enjoy the winter in your own Marshmallow man PJ’s. It only costs $35


4. Happy Chopper


Designed by lovely stuff this Happy Chopper chopping board would make a great addition to any apartment kitchen.

Notcot and All Lovely Stuff

5. Pantone Scarves


It’s cold you want to cover your delicate knect but how do you find the right color scarve to match your outfit!

Wonder no more with the pantone scarves that cover the full range.

Gizmodo and Perfectmatchingsccarf


I hope the above list of 5 gadgets is useful. Be sure to leave your own recommendations in the comments below.

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