5 DIY ideas to organize your garage

It’s normal to collect stuff and more stuff in your garage… Until that point where everything is just a mess. Especially when you have kids and their old things end up there, all scattered around. Fortunately, the DIY lovers can resolve this problem in no time with a few tricks. These are just some of them to inspire you!



Use some PVC sections to store short and slim items like pencils or pliers.


Inspired in the DIY magnetic knife holders, try to do some holders like these with inexpensive Gladeware. Use them to keep your nuts and bolts. Glue the magnets to the containers and fix them on sheet metal.


Cut some plastic pie plates in half, screw them into wood and store whatever you like inside.

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 10.25.16 PM_large_jpg

Keeping your game balls stowed can be a hard game to play. But here’s a brilliant idea to help you.


Get a maxi tape dispenser like this one. It requires some skills, but it’s really useful.

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