5 Kindle Paperwhite Covers That Don’t Suck

This year I bought Julie a cover for her Kindle Paperwhite (it’s awesome as she can now use it in the dark) and I did a lot of research to find the perfect Kindle Paperwhite cover.

I have personally hand-picked a selection of 5 covers that will hopefully cover both style, protection and budget concerns.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite $99

I would always recommend going for a hard case as last year I learnt the hard way what sitting on your soft case protected Kindle Paperwhite can do.

Sad smile

1. Pad and Quill Kindle Cover


Back when I owned KindleCases.net, I received a sample Pad and Quill case through the post and it literally blew my mind. It’s hardback and looks like a normal book; it can handle all 12 stone of me sitting on it.

The fact that I still use mine to this day and having bought a Paperwhite version with $40 of shipping for Julie goes a long way to say how much I love this case.


If you like the look and you are in the United States then you should definitely get one of these. For those of you who are in the rest of the world…the shipping costs can be high especially if you want it relatively quickly.

Cost: $39.99 on Amazon

2. Oberon Design Kindle Covers


If you’re looking for something unique, then you should check out these awesome covers provided by Oberon Designs.

They have a massive choice of designs in many different colours.

For protection it uses pool table felt with a stiffener board that will protect against any major falls.

Check them out here: http://oberondesign.com/e-reader-covers/kindle.html

Cost: $74 on Amazon

3. Marware Covers EvoVue Paperwhite Cover


If you have budget concerns about the choices above and want something environmentally friendly then the EcoVue cover could be the one for you .

It comes in 3 colours and has an awesome internal strap so you can hold it easily with one hand as you read. At just under $35 it’s a bargain.

Check them out here: http://www.marware.com/ecovue-kindle-paperwhite-cover

Cost: $34.99

4. DecalGirl Paperwhite Gel Skins


Skins are more for making your Kindle stand out from the crowd rather than major protection, but they do also protect against minor scratches.

DecalGirl has some of the best designs in the industry and it’s a pleasure to scroll through the awesome range of designs.

Check them out here: http://www.decalgirl.com/skins/Amazon-Kindle-Paperwhite-Skins

Cost: $16.99 on Amazon

5. Neverending Story Handmade Paperwhite Cover


This awesome cover was found on the website Etsy.com and it’s a leather case similar to the Oberon design.

With over 3,751 admirers, these covers are selling like hotcakes right now and I totally understand why. Each cover is custom made to fit your particular Kindle version which includes the Paperwhite.

The only downside is that it takes 10 days to ship the product due to the fact that each cover is custom made.

Check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/74428151/neverending-story-ereader-cover

Cost: $58.95

How about you, do you have know of any awesome Kindle paperwhite covers I have missed?

Feel free to shout at me in the comments.

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