6 Clever ways to use the space under the stairs

In a small house, the space under the stairs can’t be ignored. But since it has so much potential and so few people realize it, we decided to gather the best ideas to make the most of this polyvalent area.

1. A different office


If you organize the space, everything will fit in your new office, from the computer to the books.

2. Photo gallery


Use this nice little space to create a fun family photo gallery.

3. Bike storage


Bikes are big and, sometimes, finding a hidden place to keep them isn’t easy. But why should you hide them? Use this space to store your bikes and they can even work as a decorative element.

4. Storage drawers or cabinets


Use this area to create super useful and spacious storage units.

5. A bathroom


Use the space under the stairs to create a nice bathroom.

6. A kitchen

konyha lepcso17

Here’s an amazing example of how to use this space to place your kitchen.

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