6 Mandatory items for small living room owners

There is one big rule you must follow when shopping furniture for a small space: everything should serve more than one purpose! And if you can hang furniture on the wall, all the better. Take a look at these 6 items we chose for your small living room.


The first essential piece is a shelf (or more, if you need). Like we said before, everything that you can hang on the wall is a benefit. Place your shelves behind the sofa or from top to bottom to decorate a nude wall.


Consider getting a coffee table with storage space. And remember: you can always use the space beneath the coffee table for storing even more things, like an ottoman.


Next, wall mounted cabinets, the ultimate piece for your small living room. These cabinets are great because they have a lot of storage room, are quite stylish and (again…) you can hang them on the wall.


Ottomans like this are a great idea for your small living room. They are great to sit, rest your feet and keep all the clutter like magazines and CDs well stored and organized.


These pieces inspired in the C tables can mean an amazing amount of space saved and avoided stumbles on the base. Just slide one of these closer to your sofa and it won’t occupy almost any space. C tables can also can be used as a laptop support.


Decorative storage boxes can help you keep your clutter together, working as stools simultaneously. Find one of these boxes or even baskets, if you prefer, and storage with style.


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