7 Amazing one-day decorating projects

4. Make wall art


Do you have any wallpaper scraps that you really love? Use it to make your own wall art. Get some basic canvases and paper them with the fabric of your choice, stapling it in place on the backs.

5. Customize your headboard


Create your own personalized headboard with a cutter quilt. Remove the headboard from the bed and cut the quilt according to the piece format. Wrap the quilt around the headboard and staple the back.

6. Transform your old dining chairs


This project requires a little more skill, but it’s not that difficult. You only need the right materials. First of all, sand, prime and paint the chairs. Add a number or a word, for instance, to the chair back using a stencil and contrasting paint. Finish the transformation by covering the seat with a numbered or worded fabric.

7. Make an instant medicine cabinet


Convert an old drawer into a medicine cabinet and get instant storage with style. Cut a plywood shelf to fit inside the drawer and nail it in the right place. Paint the piece to match the style of your room.

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