7 Amazing porches that will make you want to change yours

The porch is, sometimes,one of the most neglected places in a house. We can’t really understand why, since it’s so simple and cheap, if you’re not willing to invest a lot of money into it, to decorate this area. Here are some dreamy porches that will inspire you to change yours!


If you’re aiming for a soft and feminine porch, you just need some light colors, vintage-looking furniture (there’s some DIY work waiting for you) and beautiful flowers.


Achieving a romantic look in your porch is quite easy, as you can see. The big table makes all the difference here!


This is the perfect example of a classic and comfortable porch.


Conquer the modern look by mixing patterns and betting on a monochromatic palette of colors.


Get some inspiration for your beach house porch.


The vintage-looking and retro sofa for your stylish porch!


A contemporary porch will be the perfect entrance to a modern home.

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