7 DIY makeovers that will transform your kitchen

Here are seven great ideas to change your kitchen, focusing on your backsplash, the piece of wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets.

You can transform an entire room with a few creative changes. Mix some new colors, patterns or textures and improve your backsplash and other parts of your kitchen with these DIY projects.


Add a splash of color into your kitchen decoration. You can easily do this by painting a resistant glass with your favorite color and applying it to the backsplash. It looks super modern!


Transform your boring backsplash into something more rustic. This one is made from reclaimed wood, so it’s a cheap project that will look pretty good. You can also paint your cabinets to make them look more modern and transform the entire style of your kitchen.


Vinyl wallpaper can easily transform your backsplash and make it more resistant to water and moist. Besides, this DIY option is super cheap, even if you choose expensive and cleanable vinyl wallpaper.


Do you love wine? Then, this is the perfect kitchen for you. Change your backsplash with wine corks and create a beautiful and contemporary pattern. It’s easy: just glue the corks on a board and place the board on your kitchen wall.


Create an eye-catching piece using a lot of colorful tiles. This astonishing mosaic backsplash, for instance, is made of mixed tiles and the result is fantastic. Residual tiles are very cheap and will work great!


Chalkboard is really trendy right now, so why not apply it to your kitchen backsplash? And the best thing is that you can draw different patterns every day.


This backsplash idea is a bit harder to execute, but the effect is amazing and dramatic. The stacked pebbles create a different kind of texture that will attract everyone’s attention.

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