7 Portable fireplaces: start choosing your favorite design for the winter

We might have central heating or air conditionin, but nothing will ever replace the warm feeling of flames coming from a fireplace in a cold night or on a happy holiday.

However, houses are getting smaller every day and having a fireplace seems a strange waist of good space. But what about a portable fireplace, one that you could store when you no longer need it? Seems like a good idea, so we gathered the best seven portable fireplaces and made a list to help you choose yours.

1. EcoSmart Ghost Fireplace


Super elegant and fuelled by clean-burning and environmentally friendly bioethanol, from EcoSmart Fire.

2. Brasa Fire


The Brasa Fire Portable Bio Ethanol fireplace is modern and compact.

3. Hot Pot


The Hot Pot is the perfect mobile fireplace for the table or sideboard, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

4. Zeta EcoSmart


This amazing portable fireplace is the Zeta model from EcoSmart Fire.

5. Piet Indoor Stove


What a beautiful fireplace! Piet Indoor Stove is just perfect for the any room of the house.

6. Roll Fire


Rolling down the house and keeping you warm and cozy. Roll Fire is amazingly designed and super easy to move around: just spin it!

7. Brisach by Cédric Ragot


This amazing portable fireplace was created by Cédric Ragot, from design studio V2.0. This model, called Brisach, is astonishing.


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