7 Smart Ways to use Vinegar in your Apartment

Today we bring you eight different tips on how to use a special liquid around the house. Its applications are amazing, from cleaning to keeping your flowers fresh.

“Is that some sort of magic potion?”, you might be asking. Not at all: it is the good and old vinegar, ready to jump from the bottle to every corner of your apartment. Don’t worry, the results are amazing!

1. Clean the microwave

Use Vinegar to Clean the Microwave mod

Having a dirty microwave is just nasty. After all, you heat your food in there! However, cleaning it is not an easy task at times, but vinegar can totally change that experience. It is the most natural and efficient solution you could find.

2. Deter cats from your furniture

Deter Cats From your Furniture mod

Do you love your cat, but would also love if he could stay away from your favorite (and very expensive) chair or garden furniture? If the answer is ‘yes’, just spray some vinegar around the piece you want to protect. And don’t worry about the smell, vinegar can actually act as a decent deodorizer.

3. Conceal scratches in wood furniture

Conceal scratches in wood furniture using vinegar mod

Mix half cup of vinegar with a half cup of olive oil- rub and rub the mix on the scratches. It really works!

4. Remove mineral deposits from shower heads

Remove mineral deposits from showerheads using vinegar mod

To clean your shower head, tie a baggy with vinegar around it and leave it there over night. Cleaning it will be effortless once you take it off.

5. Keep cut flowers fresh

Keep cut flowers fresh with vinegar

There are several good hacks to keep your cut flowers alive for a longer period that expected and using apple cider vinegar is one of them. Mix two tablespoons of this liquid with two tablespoons of sugar and pour this blend into the vase water before adding the flowers. Change the water and repeat the formula every three days.

6. Make it easier to peel old wallpaper

Make it Easier to Peel an Old Wallpaper mod

If you are renovating your house and cleaning up the walls, here is a way to peel off the wallpaper more easily. Fill a bucket with hot water, mix some vinegar and scrub it on the walls. A vinegar solution will be extremely effective and cheap, as well as non-toxic.

7. Get rid of cigarette smell

Get rid of Cigarette smoke smell with vinegar mod

If you want to completely eliminate the cigarette odor from your furniture, the easiest way to do that is with vinegar. To do it, pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray everything in your apartment.

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