8 Alternative Ways to Organize Clothing

If you are looking for some new and cool ways to storage your clothing, then you don’t have to look more. Here are some interesting and unique ideas that will definitely tickle your mind!

1. Bike Clothes Hanger

Bike Clothing Rack

A bike doesn’t have to be a disturbing element in your flat but rather a modern urban interior decoration hanging from your wall! Here is a great way to repurpose your old bike. Use it as a clothes hanger! It looks interesting and you can bet that everyone will be amazed by your creativity!


2. Industrial Garment Rack Cart

Industrial Garment Rack

This industrial garment rack cart is absolutely amazing. It’s made from salvage materials all of which are cut, threaded and refinished by hand. The shelving is made of aged reclaimed wood. If you like industrial and vintage look then this rolling cart has to be your choice!


3. Wooden Clothing Rack

Wooden Clothing Rack

Wood always looks good. Just look at this wooden clothing rack. It’s neat and simple and absolutely gorgeous! It will fit perfectly in any apartment! It even looks simple enough so you can try to make it yourself. Great DIY project!


4. DIY Clothing Rack

DIY Clothing Rack

This one you can definitely do by yourself! It’s a perfect choice for all of you who live in a small apartments and don’t have much space for a big closet. You will save so much space by installing this!


5. Zeugwart Shoe And Coat Rack

Zeugwart Shoe And Coat Rack

With the right hallway furniture, you can create a well-organized space and not the messy part of the apartment where you can never find anything. This is a perfect hallway rack and it’s ideal for someone who owns bunch of shoes! You can just lean it on the wall and change its position whenever you need some change.


6. Bed Closet

Bed Closet

This is the perfect pick for every owner of a small apartment. Don’t put a big closet in a bedroom, use a bed closet! This hidden storage is such a great idea. No more messy bedroom with clothes all over the shelves, bed and chairs!


7. Large Cabinet Closet

Large Cabinet Closet

This closet is housed inside a glass-fronted piece that’s really more large cabinet than it is an actual closet. It looks really neat and interesting and it will add a special charm to your bedroom. And you don’t even have to open the closet doors to find what are you looking for!


8. Triple Level Industrial Garment Rack

Triple Level Industrial Garment Rack mod

Industrial garment racks are really popular because they look unique and in most cases you can even build them by yourself! If you cherish vintage look in your apartment, this triple level industrial garment rack will probably fit perfectly!


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