8 Amazing tricks to make your food last longer

If you’re the kind of person who cannot resist a sale and must buy wholesale every other week, you need to learn these eight infallible tricks to preserve that food.

1. Seal food storage bags

Seal Food Storage Bags mod

You can easily reuse the top of old plastic bottles to properly close up your plastic bags.

2. Store onions in stockings

Store Onions in Stockings mod

If you have pairs of pantyhose with some flaws, wash them really well and use them to store your onions and make them last longer.

3. Store potatoes with apples

Store potatoes with apples to prevent Sprouting mod

Storing the potatoes with the apples will keep the first ones from sprouting.

4. How to store food in your fridge

How yo Store Food in your Fridge mod

Take a look at these instructions and you’ll see how much longer your food will last. These are the smartest spots to keep certain ingredients in the fridge.

5. Wrap cheese in paper or wax paper

wrap in cheese paper or wax paper mod

Using paper or wax paper to wrap the cheese will keep the food looking and tasting good, as well as drive off the mold.

6. Vacuum sealing for long-term storage

Vacuum Sealing for Longterm Storage mod

Sealing some types of food using a vacuum technique is one of your best options.

7. Keep berries fresh with vinegar


Wash fresh strawberries, raspberries and other berries in a diluted vinegar mix (one part vinegar and three parts water). This technique will allow you to elongate their shelf life for days.

8. Freeze flour for a few days

Freeze Flour for Afew Days to Kills Bugs mod

Using this useful trick will kill all the bugs that might be living in your flour. Simply put the bag in the freezer for a few days.

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