8 Small organization tricks that will amaze you

There are a lot of simple organization ideas that you never thought of, but once you see them, you just want to shout “ah-ha”! Well, “eureka” is also acceptable, we don’t mind.

We gathered eight of the most useful organization tricks to help you save space and declutter your apartment, especially if your house is not that big. Check these ideas!


Use a basket like this one to organize your colorful ribbons. Hook a small bar in the holes and then hang the ribbons.


A great idea to separate your pans and kitchen accessores.


Not enough drawers? Organize your towels and washcloths with baskets.


Stumped as to how to store scarves? Place shower rings onto a hanger! Voila! So easy…a caveman can do it.


Do you keep losing your ponytails? Grab them all (the ones you still have) and stash them onto a key ring.


Use baskets in your closet to store clean or dirty clothes, scarves, lingerie or socks. Whatever you want.


This is a great way to properly store cans and save a lot of space in your pantry.


Do you love to sew? Take this idea and store your buttons in used jars.

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