9 Awesome Frames for Your Flatscreen TV

If you want to impress your guests, then you should think about a custom TV frame. It looks good, interesting and creative. There are so many possibilities you can choose from. Here are just some of them! Get inspired!

1. Barn Wood and Hardware Frame

Barn Wood and Hardware Frame

This amazing tv frame is completely hand-built! It’s made from reclaimed wood and barn-door hardware and it would look awesome around your flat TV. You have to admit that it’s really powerful!


2. Artsy TV Frame

Artsy TV Frame

Your flat screen TV can also be an artwork! Forget the other framed artwork and simply frame your flatscreen. It’s maybe a little bit quirky but it’s a great way to make your TV looks like an interior decor! This kind of TV frame is the simplest and the cheapest one, because you can do this kind of frame by yourself!


3. TV on a Bookshelf

TV on a Bookshelf

This is not a typical TV frame, but you can say that books are used as a frame here – and it looks awesome! The visual effect of the books surrounding the TV is amazing! You can never go wrong when you add floor-to-ceiling built ins and fill them with books (and a TV, of course).


4. Hidden TV

Hidden tv

Your flat-screen TV can be hidden in a plain sight! You can hide it anywhere, for example: in a cabinet. When you have friends over and you don’t want them to watch TV, then you just have to close the doors! Cool, right?


5. Framed TV decor

Framed TV decor

You think that movies are the greatest art? Then show them the respect they deserve! Put an art frame around a TV and turn it into an artwork! This black and white combination looks good!


6. Tv Frame by GiesenDesign

Tv Frame by GiesenDesign

This living room looks so cozy, perfect place to spend cold winter nights with good movie and a cup of warm tea! Fireplace will set the mood and the TV is just ‘sugar on top’.


7. TV Frame with motorized art cover

TV Frame with motorized art cover

You don’t have to display your television out in the open. Hide your flatscreen somewhere! If you don’t have any ideas, why not behind the piece of a real art work? This is not just a simple art cover, it’s a motorized art cover! How cool is that?


8. Petite Paris TV Frame

Petite Paris TV Frame

This simple and beautiful TV frame features a soft pink shade with rose details on each corner. If you like to put vintage and modern stuff together, then this kind of tv frame will be perfect for you! It’s always interesting to give a vintage touch to modern day technology!


9. Rustic wood TV wall by Elf Sacks

Old Wood Behind The Tv

This rustic chic decorating is so simple and it’s getting really popular! The old wood looks so good as a TV frame, and this is something that you can definitely do by yourself with a reclaimed wood!


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