9 DIY ideas to reuse old vintage wood doors

You can’t even dream about the possible uses an old door can have. There are dozens of different DIY projects you can choose to reuse one of these vintage items.

And they’re not even that hard to find: just try a salvage shop, a yard sale or even a trash pile and apply one or more of these ideas to your new old door.


Make a family table. Just add a base or legs with a piece of glass on top of it.

door repurposed into bookshelf[3]

Add sides and shelves to the door and create a storage center.


With a little work and talent, you can make a nice bench.


Paint it and make an improvised chalkboard where you can write messages or reminders.


Use an old door to make a bed for a toddler.


With a little work and imagination, you can make a beautiful headboard.


Cut the door in half and nail or hinge together to make a romantic corner cabinet.


Line the door with a fabric of your choice and use it to display your favorite photos.

girls 034

Just add some hooks and you got a new coat rack. Easy as that!

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