9 Awesome Tiny Apartments

Whilst most of us choose to live in decent sized spaces it can be really useful look at how designs work for tiny spaces. When size is a restriction it forces us to really think about usability and what we really need.

Hopefully this selection of 9 awesome tiny apartments will give you ideas/tips for how to improve your space usage in your apartment.

1. Studio/Loft Apartment


Living in a studio apartment can work if you are creative with how you use your space. I really love the use of an extra floor for the sleeping area and the space saving staircase.

2. 24 Room Apartment For 32 sq metres in Hong Kong



Hong Kong is one the priciest places on earth for apartments, so Garry Chang spent $218,000 to transform his 344-square-foot apartment into something that can have up to 24 unique layouts. Using  moving walls, cabinets and partitions he has created something mind blowing.


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