An American Bookshelf

If you like to travel, then maybe you should think about putting something special in your apartment that can say to your guests that you are a world traveler! If you don’t have other ideas beside bunch of tacky souvenirs, then just look at this! Russian-born architect Andrei Saltykov designed an American Bookshelf for his place in London. The shelf now hangs in his living room and it looks so good, you have to admit that!


Andrei Saltykov was living in Washington where he was working on some projects. He got inspired when he saw a country map made from license plates. So, he decided that American Bookshelf will be the first project for his practice ‘Saltykov & Lacey‘. He choose United States of America because it had so many sections and lots of straight-lined divisions. That just looked perfect for holding books. First he thought about doing Britain or Russia, but America seemed so much better choice for this cool project.

He also did one more thing – he fastened 600 Christmas tree lights within the map, so they can represent all the major cities in the USA. So, if you like this, maybe you should pick your favorite country and try to do something similar yourself!

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