Appartement Spectral: an amazing example of glorious interior design

Meet the Appartement Spectral, the beautiful apartment with a design that breaks every rule in the book, but it’s still jaw-dropping. This amazing housing was created by the architect Betillon/Dorval-Bory, from a studio in Paris, France. The professional was asked by a client to pay special attention to lighting, due to the limited daylight available in some rooms of the apartment.

Betillon/Dorval-Bory’s answer was on the opposite of ordinary: as they installed high-performance lighting at one end of the apartment, the other side got some awful lighting. The best thing? It was on purpose.

The only artificial lighting in the apartment is fixed to a small partition. This acts like the separation between the kitchen and the sleeping areas and bathroom. The kitchen side has seven sleek and high performance fluorescent tubes. On the other side, you can finda pair of low-pressure sodium lamps. Yeah, the ones you find on street lamps. Check the effect!

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