Aqua Zinger

You have to drink enough water to stay healthy. That is something we hear every day. Well, that is not a problem anymore! You don’t have to be satisfied with old and boring plain water, because here comes the Aqua Zinger. Are you wondering what is that? It is a sleek water bottle equipped with a built-in fruit infuser. It is similar like a blender, but much better.


Your water will be all natural because with Aqua Zinger mechanism you can avoid all the unwanted additives and sugars in your water – and it will still taste amazing! And also – there is no pulp!! Choose your favorite fruit combination and put it in the bass cup. Replace the filter and screw it tight to get the juices flowing. Then just fill up the bottle with water and give it a shake. And that is all you have to do to have fresh and tasty water whenever you want!

If you like it, you can check it out on Firebox or Brookstone.

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