Bright inspiration: the best yellow bathrooms

Yellow is a color a lot of people tend to scorn, when it actually is a great color that you can apply in most rooms. The bathroom is one of these rooms, where yellow can shine and really help to brighten the mood. Take a look at these examples and, if you didn’t like yellow until now, we’re sure you’re going to change your mind.

1. Yellow and gray


This design and color scheme are perfect for a small bathroom, especially because it makes the space seem more modern.

2. Classic yellow


The color really helps this small bathroom look more wide. The decor is consistently classic.

3. Yellow and black & white


A black and white mix lets allows yellow to shine and the ceiling treatment gives the perfect final touch to your bathroom.

4. Yellow and white stripes


Stripes are the perfect look for a bathroom in a beach house. The yellow just looks like the sun!

5. Minimalist yellow


Check out this idea for a small bathroom: the sanitary ware is minimalist and has clean lines and the mirrors help the room seem wider.

6. Discreet yellow


This tone of yellow is perfect for the color-shy amateur decorator that wants to take a risk. It makes the bathroom seem clean and really opens the space.

7. Yellow and blue


These two colors look really nice side by side, creating two different sections in the bathroom. And the geometrical accessories make an interesting visual statement.

8. Yellow and brown


This is a modern color combination, it makes a bathroom seem really sophisticated. And the mirrors help to make the space seem wider.

9. Yellow details


And, if you’re not ready to go full yellow, try decorating your bathroom with some bright accessories first.

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