Build the perfect “home” for your tools

tool shed 2-705062

Apartment Geeks came across a great idea to build a tool shed in a closet, keeping your tools organized and protected. To “copy” this project, you will need a Grundtal magnetic knife rack and some desk and plastic organisers from IKEA. And, of course, you need a small closet, preferably located near your kitchen.

tool shed 1-799760

If your closet door is small, like the one in the photos, you will have to put the magnetic knife on an angle across the door. This will be great to hang the tools!

tool shed 3-708140

Then, it’s time to adapt the wood shelf and put it on the door to create a basic bench. And, if you have any lights (like old LED lights you don’t need), put them inside the closet with a Lipo battery, for instance.

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